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Letting Go Of Fear

One of the most natural fears we go through in nurturing a passion or new business is “will people accept it?” “What will they think?” We hold back talking about it…which only holds the business back. What we find is that the people who are our real friends will be accepting of ANYTHING you share, and appreciative of it, even if it’s not for them.

A big part of success (especially in PebbleStorm) is letting go of fear as much as possible – even those little bits that we don’t notice because we’re so used to living with them. “What will people think? Can I really do it? What if they don’t appreciate it, or buy it, or like it? What if it doesn’t work out?” Being able to let go of this kind of mindset begins with practicing awareness of when fear affects your behavior and holds you back, undercutting you. You have amazing potential – if you can remove the fear limiter. It takes constant awareness and practice, because it can always creep back in.

Even I’ve had some hesitation in mentally committing to taking the first concrete steps with PebbleStorm. Sure I’d share the wiki and ideas with some people, but I’d always hedge – “oh, it’s the future…” As courageous as I can be, there’s always a part of me that whispers “Is it ready yet?” At some point, as the puzzle pieces come close enough together, anyone creating something that they care about has to get over that hump of hesitation to commit to putting it out there for people, a big step in making it “real.”

So here I am.

So here’s the real world kickoff for PebbleStorm.

This week is a big milestone for PebbleStorm and the future of making money through enjoyment, because after almost a year of thinking, writing and talking – I’ve set things in motion. For real. I’ve mentally committed to it, I’ve started actively telling people about this blog and PebbleStorm itself (“my calling is…”), and a first dinner group is scheduled for this Wednesday night at Javan: “Brainfood: Make money through enjoyment”

Interesting Moment of Oprah

On Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I met about 10 people that seemed ready for the next step in their lives, who wanted to escape the rat race and sustain themselves through a passion or calling. After a BBQ at an amazing house in Malibu on Sunday, and a few more of these conversations, I had an interesting moment while driving back down PCH 1 to home. I had a crystal clear image of being on Oprah’s show. Oprah had become a fan of PebbleStorm because of what it was doing to help people create these amazing businesses for themselves, to accomplish things that had previously scared the shit out of them or that they thought were impossible. It felt totally real, as if it’d already happened, and very natural, as in “yep, I can see that happening, it just makes sense.” Trippy.

We’re only at the very beginning steps of the PebbleStorm journey, but here we go 😀

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