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I’m living as virtually as possible these days. As my Small Pebble, Big Wave Self-Manifesto says, my “perfect working world” includes working on what I want, when I want, and with whom I want (and I’ll throw in now, ‘from where I want’).

I’ve structured my work and projects (both setting expectations or turning down business) so that I’m only needed periodically in person. I keep expenses low, to lower how much income I need for it to be ‘sufficient’. So –

Why not go to Kauai, since I’ve never been there?

Why not pick a random, fun idea to launch a company / website around with a great friend, if it only takes a few weeks of half-time work and a few thousand dollars?

Why not start a PebbleStorm retreat, where I and some people I want to collaborate with (like ( can break away from the distractions of their days, to spend some time braincracking and/or building companies or websites for fun, and relatively small amounts of time and money?

Why not combine all three? Why not just do it now?

I couldn’t come up with any good reasons not to do it, so:

Upcoming PebbleStorm Events, including the Kauai Makers Retreat

If we can do one company, then why not more than one? Why not see if there are a few other like-minded people who want to join us, either to work on their own ideas or to help us? (Hint: email me at aaron (at) pebblestorm (dot) com)

Next time you feel yourself hesitating to commit to something outside your comfort zone: ask yourself why not? Maybe it’s just your work conditioning that’s keeping you back.

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  1. Anneke Says:

    Aaron, I love these ideas. When I started Phone Works in 1991, I wanted to create a company based on a lot of the priorities you call out. Having worked ten intense years at Oracle, I wanted to create an alternative working environment for myself as well as talented people looking to further their professional careers while enhancing their personal lives. I’ll look forward to participating in some of your upcoming events when the Sales 2.0 book is finished!- Anneke

  2. Kauai update - some thoughts and pictures from our work + play event | Pebblestorm Says:

    […] a post in May, The Power of “Why Not?”, I outlined some reasoning for “why not do some work from kauai?”  A half dozen people […]

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