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People can enjoy the process of what they do, and/or enjoy the outcome of what they do. Examples of the difference:

Process – > Outcome

  • Write -> Publish book
  • Prepare for a presentation -> Give presentation
  • Sell -> Receive contract & check
  • Code software -> Use or share software
  • Paint -> Show painting
  • Write songs -> Perform songs
  • Create marketing programs -> See programs work
  • Customize car-> Show or sell custom car

This Enjoyment Map is a tool to help you think about and isolate the kinds of work in which you enjoy both the process of working and the outcome.

Step 1

List out a set of discrete situations, such as:

  1. A bunch of projects from work over the past few months
  2. A list of clients over the past year(s)
  3. A set of tasks or time blocks over the past week

Step 2

Plot them roughly on a matrix of “Enjoyed The Process” vs. “Enjoyed The Outcome”:

Step 3

How can you figure out how to enjoy both the process AND the outcome 80% of the time?

What was it about the “Yay!” work in the upper right corner that was special or different from the other work? Who was it with? On what? How was it done? Why did it matter? Where was it? When was it?

How can you either a) leave the other stuff behind to focus on finding more of the Yay! work, or b) change the way you work in general to create conditions in which you can move the other kinds of work towards that upper-right corner?

Personal example

I’m always practicing being aware of what it is about how I work or what I produce that makes it more enjoyable. I really enjoy writing long-hand notes and sketching in my notebooks. I also like blogging, but not quite as much as plain old writing and sketching. But – I find that sketching pictures, with the intention of posting them here, makes even blogging more fun 🙂 Even with my sales blog!

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  1. Nic Says:

    “Write –> Publish Book.”


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