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September 8th, 2008

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We tried an experiment at the PebbleStorm event last week. I put up a big piece of paper on the wall, and let people write down something that they’re looking for or to share…

That’s the funny thing about serendipity – you never know how or when those interesting connections will happen (either at the event or later), but at least by putting your intentions and information out there, you’re enhancing the possibilities!

Here they are, typed up:

Aaron Ross – PebbleStorm
“Looking for people interested in helping define or starting their own ‘PebbleStorm Circle’ group”
aaron at pebblestorm dot com

Ben Chou –
“Looking for PR/buzz generators/mavens/connectors” (people who can help spread the word about his business)
pbchou at MyCosmeticSurgeryAdvisor dot org

Ray Schiel – Social Media
“Sharing info on how social media can help your business”
rayseo1 at yahoo dot com

Olivia Kuhn-Lloyd – &
“Looking for bloggers for”
olivia at intent dot com

Ryan Born – AudioMicro
“Looking for music and sound effects”

Ingrid Chen – Health & Wellness “Dream Team”
“Looking to share Life’s too short to just be making $”

Simon Dibos – Latin America
“Business in South America”
simondibos at yahoo dot com

Kim Selbert – Joy of Laughter
“People to laugh with” / kimselbert at mac dot com

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  1. Harmony Says:

    Great to find your site. I have added your blog to my rss. I heard your presentation through HUBand had to check out PS.

    I am impressed by the board. There are a lot of great connotations involved:
    openess, willingness, humility, service, feminine receiving, collective wisdom, collaboration…I will implement this with clients. Congrats on PS and you are off to an obviously great beginning.

    The Mayan have a phrase that I like to mention…
    “I Am Yourself Another” or “I am Another You”

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