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September 19th, 2008

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“I’ll do that…someday”

Sound familiar?

When I’m busy, it’s easy to put things off. I admit to regularly doing that with blogging. I’ll get to that tomorrow / next week / someday…

Yesterday I wrote an email to a friend that included the phrase “I intend to add more about my personal journey to my pebblestorm blog” (the ‘someday’ was implied).  I’ve thought that and even noted it to myself, but writing it to someone made it that much more real.  And within an hour I drafted and posted Using rocks and babysteps to dodge the fear.

Speaking of babysteps, a well-designed one is something small enough to accomplish in 1-4 hours.

Sometimes I put a task/project off, and it works out well because later I realize the task/project would have been a waste of energy to do anyway 🙂

Sometimes I just have to do it now.

Look, I’ve done it again!

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One Response to “Do it now”

  1. Hong-Anh Ha Says:

    Yes, I agree how sometimes it works out to put things off, but yes, sometimes you just have to do it now. It’s funny that fine line of knowing when to hold off on something to let it gel or stew…and then knowing when you just have to do something now….hmm…maybe more on that later.

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