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What is that special, unique combination (your twist) of talents that you enjoy practicing, are great at, and are framed in a way that is meaningful to others? What is your Unique Genius?

Come join us this Wednesday, October 29th at 6p-7p PST if:
– You’re simply curious as to what this whole crazy PebbleStorm thing is about )
– You’re searching for inspiration or meaning in work.
– You’ve worked through the Unique Genius handout, and have questions about it or would like to discuss it.
– You’ve participated in a past PebbleStorm event, and have follow up questions.

1. Introduction (15 minutes)
* What is a Unique Genius, and why is it important?  How do you uncover yours?  What do you do with it?  How can you build your dream business around it?  Also see below for a link to download a worksheet.

2. Discussion, Q&A (45 minutes)
* Interactive discussion between myself and attendees about the prior topics.
* If you have questions you’d like me to answer on the call, you can email me any ahead of time at aaron (at) pebblestorm (dot) com.
* Otherwise, feel free to just join as a listener.

Updated Unique Genius Worksheet
I updated it as of 10/21/08.  Email me for a copy at aaron at pebblestorm dot com.  You don’t need to get this prior to the call, but I’d recommend it and at least looking through it.

Conference Call Details
Date: Wednesday, October 29th
Time: 6pm PST
Dial-in: (605) 475-6006
Access Code: 366946#

If you’re new to PebbleStorm, here are two links you can explore ahead of time:
About PebbleStorm

A Pebblestorm Overview – From HUB

A regular schedule of conference calls

Two weeks ago, we had a conference call on “Discovering your dream business,” with about 10 active participants and a half dozen listeners. One of the requests that came from it was for me to create a space to continue the conversations we started, say every couple of weeks.

After the call on this coming Wednesday (29th), I will put together an ongoing schedule of future conference calls (and create a dedicated page here on PebbleStorm for the schedule of events).  For now, they’re free, and all that I ask in return is that if you attend, please tell 10-20 friends about PebbleStorm.  At some point, perhaps December, perhaps after the New Year, I’ll revisit/redesign what’s free vs. fee-based.  I’m always looking for requests of what YOU would want, so don’t be shy in sharing ideas or asking for formats/help at aaron [at] pebblestorm [dot] com.

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4 Responses to “Free PebbleStorm Conference Call: “What is your Unique Genius?””

  1. Louis Dienes Says:

    Thanks for the invitation. I have put it on my calendar and hope to dial in.

  2. Leslie Thomas Says:

    Thank you for the invitation – it is on my calendar and I plan on dailing in…looking forward to the adventure!!

  3. Ingrid Says:

    Hope to dial in.

  4. Saad Hameed Says:

    Hi Aaron,
    As always, this is very valuable info. I would like to attend the next con call you may have, would you have a schedule?

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