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On the webinar, one of the questions was “what books would you recommend?”  Of course, there are so many good books out there, but if I could only recommend three to my readers here, they’d be (in no particular order):


The 4-Hour Workweek

This book can help shake up your persepective on work!  You’re programmed to view work a certain way (aka 9-to-5), and Tim Ferriss challenges all kinds of work and life assumptions here in the book.

It’s well written, and you may not look at work the same way again.

Tim has a great blog at

The Seven-Day Weekend: Changing the Way Work Works

seven-day-weekendI LOVE this book – even more than the 4-Hour Workweek (sorry Tim!)  This company’s amazing – an example of how values like trust, commitment, enjoyment and freedom can create an amazing culture and $300 millino company.  Work doesn’t have to be ‘work’!

Even if you don’t want to recreate this kind of culture (which is an extreme form of self-determinism), it has a lot of great nuggets that any business owner could use as ideas in improving their own business.  Here’s a taste of how things are different at Semco:

  • Employees determine their own working hours
  • Employees hire their bosses
  • All employees rate their bosses twice a year and all ratings are published
  • HR has been almost abolished, because leaders need to be able to treat their employees right themselves
  • Employees choose their own salaries / comp structures
  • ALL meetings are voluntary and open to everyone
  • The Board meetings are open to everyone, and include employee representation

Excerpt / Chapter One on FastCompany

CEOFlow (though it’s early) will be a roadmap to the Seven Day Weekend.

UPDATE: AAAAGH!  It looks like this book is out of print!?!  Look around on Amazon for it…there are various versions, paperback, Kindle, etc., that aren’t $50+…do some digging.  But get it!  If you can’t, his prior book is almost as good: Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace

The Four Agreements 4-agreements

This is one of those rare books that people buy extra copies of just to have on hand to give to people.  The day/day after I read The Four Agreements, I looked at people and the world a different way.  In order to really create the 4-Hour Workweek or Seven Day Weekend, it helps to have the right attitudes when dealing with yourself and others. The Four Agreements is a short, well written book that helps you get a better understanding of, well, life. Read it!

I think most people will need a certain amount of life experience in order to be ready to really connect with this book, so if you’ve read it before and didn’t love it – try it again every few years.


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6 Responses to “If I could recommend only three books…”

  1. Cheryl Miller Says:

    Hi Aaron – good recommendations. I love books and have read all but the 7-Day weekend and will definitely get that one! I love that idea. I’m a weekend kind of person 🙂

    On your recommendation….I’m rereading the 4 agreements. Bedtime reading so i can go to bed knowing that all is well in the world. I like to read inspirational things before falling asleep and this is a good one. Am on the 3rd agreement tonight. Thanks for reminding me of that book. Cheryl

  2. Cheryl Miller Says:

    Woah! Just visited Amazon to see the 7 day weekend is $154!! I decided to put it on my wish list while I read a bunch of books I already have….and maybe the universe will bring a copy to me that doesn’t cost me half a car payment. Reminds me of an episode of Bob Newhart where he compared costs to how many ice cream cones he could buy for that much money. I could get about 44 ice cream cones for the price of that book. I’m sure it’s worth it and it’s still on my list. Just have to recover from sticker shock. I’m a Kansan and we … are just like that.

    I bet the message is about treating every day like it was a weekend and living in enjoyment.

  3. aaronross383 Says:

    Whoa! You’re right – it looks like it’s gone out of print. I found a paperback version that’s much cheaper…

  4. ozpiratequeen Says:

    The “Four Agreements” changes my life every day (every day that I remember them and pay attention to them, that is). Thanks for giving it a mention here as it is definitely one worth sharing – I received a copy from a colleague and have appreciated that gift over and over again.

  5. Cheryl Miller Says:

    Thanks for the new link, Aaron – much better pricing. I just got it for $11.10. Are those people at Amazon smoking whacky tobaccy or something? The new books were $11.10 and the used were $59. Go figure and if you really are not paying attention you can pay $154. Can’t wait to read it. I need a 7 day weekend bad… and soon I shall have it! Cheryl

  6. Sanja Cooklin Says:

    The Four Agreements helped me to transform my life. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

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