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ceoflow-triangle-to-circle-sketchKnow any CEOs juggling life, employees and the world, who are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain? I have a great opportunity for both you and the person that refers them to me…keep reading…

CEOFlow is my coaching program for CEOs. I saw, from being a CEO, working with them and knowing many of them, that it’s easy to create a business that traps you rather than works for you.  It’s also just lonely at the top.

While we begin by focusing first just on the CEO themself, because the CEO is the ‘pebble in the pond’ that creates every ripple within the business, the CEOFlow system is about turning your employees into mini-CEOs who can help you run and grow your business like high-level executives.

Here is what is possible for CEOs to experience:

  • A peaceful and centered mind – stress is the enemy (of your and your company’s success)
  • Manage & succeed by being yourself rather than stepping into a different CEO personality at work
  • For women, find a path to power that doesn’t compromise your femininity
  • More enjoyment of your business and your daily work
  • Your ideal combination of money, freedom and adventure

F^ree CEOFlow Sessions For Five CEOs

I’m offering a free CEOFlow consult to five CEOs (each is a $375 value).  Again, for a sense of the specifics of the program and my approach, you can take a look at

How To Apply

Send an email to info at pebblestorm dot com, with answers these questions:

  1. How many employees (including part-time or independent contractors) do you have?
  2. If you could wave a magic wand and change 3 things in your business or life right now, what would they be?
  3. What 3-4 things do you feel are holding back the potential of a) your business, and b) you within it?

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