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My First Burning Man

The Friday before last (Aug 31), I made an executive decision to go to Burning Man the next night – Sat Sept 1. I did the 24-hour mad scramble, and made it 🙂 I went up with an internet and legal entrepreneur Alexis Martin Neely and my marketing coach Max Simon.  It’s the kind of experience that could have been very challenging with the wrong people, and I’m glad I went with them and Alexis’ family and friends, because I had a great time both at Burning Man activities in general, and also in just getting to hang out with them personally.Burning Man is crazy! During the days I went to workshops or lectures on fun or just interesting topics like Acroyoga, Contact Dancing, Trance Dance, Group Singing, Polyamory, Shamanism, Conscious Business and…well, you get the idea. There’s all kinds of even crazier stuff for people to wander into or explore.  At night, we went out dancing at huge parties in the desert. A lot of people there are on drugs, but lots aren’t (like moi). It’s impossible to describe the environment – you have to go to “get” it.

I’m not sure about lessons learned yet, but I was exposed to all kinds of new ideas and experiences that stretched my awareness. I feel like it’ll take some time for everything to sink it and to see how it shapes me in the future. I’m still detoxing 🙂

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What is Burning Man?

Next “Inner” Adventure: The Hoffman Institute

The more self-aware and conscious I become, the easier it is to see my blind spots – the ones I didn’t even know existed 🙂  Do you know what I mean?  Everyone has blind spots they don’t see – even you.  Yes even YOU, the person who’s been to every personal development course known to man! Anytime someone says “I’ve already done all the work, I don’t need anything else”…I call bullshit.  The work never stops, because there is always another layer to peel back.

This is critical for people developing their Unique Genius and dream business, because your success and happiness is a reflection, in big parts, of how authentic and open you are. It will be a lot harder for most people to achieve their dreams and goals without this kind of work – just as it’d be harder without mentors and coaches and partners.

Here’s Hoffman’s short homepage blurb: “The Process allows you to examine and better understand your life and reveals why you behave the way you do. Published scientific research demonstrates the Process’s long-term positive effects on relieving depression and anxiety. To date, more than 70,000 people worldwide have used the Hoffman Process to improve their quality of life and restore their relationships with friends and family.”

I’ve been excited for quite awhile to do the Hoffman Process, ever since Marni Battista (founder, Dating With Dignity) told me about it and how transformational it is.  So I’m going offline again on Friday for a week at the Hoffman Institute (, a personal development retreat – no phone or email allowed.  Besdides Marni, another close friend, Yanitz Rubin here in PebbleStorm, has said it’s just amazing – totally transformational. For example, one of the main areas I’m interested in looking at and working through is being able to create more intimacy in relationships – friends, family, romantic, etc.  I feel like I tend to keep people at a distance, at least more than I’d like.

Their main essay introduction is “A Path To Personal Freedom And Love”

I’ll report back on this later in September!

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