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What’s it like to be in the PebbleStorm community? What’s my ‘perfect world’ vision?  Here’s how I’ve painted & sketched it…

I did the above painting while at a cool walk-in painting studio in Santa Monica called PaintLab, at an event my friend Elliot Lemberger put together.

Sketched Version

More PebbleStorm Art

You can see that many of the individual components of the painting (like the rainbow, treasure chest, tree, sun…) started as individual sketches.  You can see ’em in the “Art Of PebbleStorm/CEOFlow” past blog post.

What’s Your Dream World/Work/Life?

Your dream work gets more real the more specific you describe it to yourself and others, and the more you declare it to the world. You can do this through writing, drawing, video or any other number of ways.

Here’s my original “Small Pebble, Big Wave” Self-Manifesto that remapped my mind and was the beginning of the vision for PebbleStorm. I did it before the sketches started coming to me.

Want to make your vision more concrete? Leave a comment below about 1-3 things that describe your dream business (or life)…declare it to yourself, me and the world!

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6 Responses to “A “PebbleStorm World” Painting”

  1. Saule Says:

    working in the studio, traveling, looking at water.

  2. Lory Moore Says:

    Develop multiple streams of income for a solid operating base, and to provide flexibility and freedom to pursue my passions and unique genius.

    Step fully into my gifts of speaking and writing.

    Discover areas of greatest need for my initial target group: displaced or unfulfilled professionals looking to fulfill their highest potential.

    Produce high quality content that provides solutions to greatest area of need, identified above.

    Engage with people who respond and create synergistic community of like-minded, enthusiastic lovers of life who are ready to change the world for greater good.

  3. Clint Wilson Says:

    Great expression and something my wife just sent over to me this morning.

    Thanks again for the chat last week and verbally reviewing it with you has allowed me to solve the issue with a few steps in the right direction.

    Amazing how that works Aaron:)

    Here are my Dreams in motion today:

    1) Reaching the 20,000 kids of Bamban
    2) Creating a CnC Cafe’ tech center in Bamban
    3) Growing our SaaS business 10X in 3 years


  4. Grant Adams Says:

    1) Having a mansion that will support 5 live-in students/collaborators and friends.

    2) Having such a successful business teaching women how to be better lovers that women seek me out and compete to be by students.

    3) Spreading sex-positive messages of love and life through the world through writing and public speaking.

  5. Marie M Says:

    1) Writing meaningful, powerful songs, novels and plays that convey unconventional messages to help people access more freedom. I want to help people be who they want to be and do what they want to do, going beyond the influences of their family, culture and society, and beyond their own fears and doubts.

    2) Working from anywhere I want on the planet. I want to create a web-based business that will bring enough revenue to enable me to travel all over the world, for at least 6 months per year.

    3) Getting socially engaged in the third-world countries where I will be living for months at a time.

  6. Loi Laing Says:

    1. Founding a holistic health center.
    2. Teaching healthy eating, plant-based cooking and food prep.
    3. Traveling the world and getting paid for what I love doing.

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