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Look, if you’re going to do a video interview, it’s pretty hard to beat doing one at the top of Macchu Picchu.  Jodi Nelson started an amazing Unique Genius business called “Play It Forward Adventures“, integrating adventure travel with service work. She’s truly mashing her passions!

We talk about what she was doing before she started it, how she began, where the ideas came from, how her coach made a big difference, and what’s going on this year for her (her 4th year)…

The trip was awesome – we spent:

  • A couple of days in Lima & Cusco,
  • About three days volunteering in a local village school (building tables and chairs, planting trees, playing with kids),
  • Three days trekking in the Andes, and
  • A day in Machu Picchu.

The people on the trip were fantastic!  It was just awesome all around 🙂

A Kickass Video of the Trip

Pictures of the Peru & Machu Picchu Trip on Facebook

If that link doesn’t work, you can also just look them up on my Facebook profile

Want Your Own Adventure?

How Would You Combine Your Passions Into A Business?

Leave a comment and let me know!

14 Responses to “A Machu Picchu Unique Genius Superhero Interview: Jodi Nelson Of Play It Forward Adventures”

  1. valerie Says:

    very inspiring. Thanks Aaron I am forwarding it to some friends and family.

  2. Zain Jeewanjee Says:

    Anytime Arron Ross gets involved, its a plus plus… great Video

    Zain Jeewanjee

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @valerie, @Zain Jeewanjee, thank you for passing this on – I hope it inspires your friends! And thanks Zain for the compliment, lol

  3. Valerie Young Says:

    How inspiring!!!

    I already sent the link to two women who’ve attended previous Profiting From Your Passions seminars who both want to live in Latin America and find a way to make a difference.

    So many people talk about their dreams. Jodi takes action!

    I know they’ll both be SO inspired by what Jodi is doing. Also glad you focused on getting PR — people think it’s much harder than it really is so they don’t even try.

    Thanks for demystifying that and for helping your readers see that it takes time to build a business… and a dream. But it never happens unless you begin.

    Valerie Young
    Dreamer in Residence

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Valerie Young, thanks! And as someone who’s a pro at getting PR, sometime we’ll have to have you share some advice with the PebbleStorm community 🙂

  4. Greg Gardner Says:


    Very well done. Great example for the work you are doing. Thanks for posting.

  5. Chad Carty Says:

    Great interview! Jodi gave a powerful message stating that she redirected her strengths toward creating something fulfilling rather than starting from scratch. Aaron, your questions at the end produced insightful answers to aspects of her business that I wanted to know more about. Definitely forwarded this on!

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Chad Carty, awesome. Chad, what did you learn at the end that you wanted to know about? Which part was that?

  6. Elliott (Set Yourself Freelance) Says:

    So awesome Aaron! Thanks for this inspiring post!

    Trying to figure out how to travel around the world playing rock n roll, changing lives, and making a good living at it! 🙂

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Elliott (Set Yourself Freelance), I know you’re already on your way, my brother!

  7. Ram Dutt Says:

    It is such an inspiring concept. We need more and more people like Jodi who are making a difference in style (providing an experience that everyone can share with their community) rather than just a donation.
    I hope to take part in one of this trips soon.

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Ram Dutt, amen! Yes we do need more people like her, and I’d highly recommend a trip.

    I know your vision is aligned in many ways with her Ram, let me know if you’d like a personal introduction to her.

  8. Mike Muson Says:

    Another interesting, concise and inspiring interview!

    I love hearing about people using their talents from a previous career to truly pursue their passion!

    Keep up the great and valued work.

    Mike Muson
    CEO – My Online Dating Consultant

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Mike Muson, I don’t think it will be too long before you’re ready to be interviewed 🙂

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