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[Update: the “Ask Aaron Anything” call recording is posted below]

I believe, in my soul, that the way we work needs to change, and that people only use 10-33% of their potential in work, today. If even that!

(Seen the Unique Genius videos yet?)

After working with hundreds of people, I KNOW that you have hidden talents and powers that can be turned into work you love, that makes you plenty of money… and that you can start finding it with only baby steps investments of time. I know this is possible… so the question is, WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE IT YET…?

After 5,000 video views and a couple of hundred comments, I think I understand what you care about:

  • You want a clear notion of how you can “get paid to be yourself’ by combining your passions, interests and talents into a single, easy to start business, AND make a great income at it.
  • You want to get clear on what’s uniquely powerful about you – what can give you an unfair advantage?  What’s your shortest path to success?
  • You want to be able to do this in bite-sized, achievable steps, so that it feels simple and FUN (not overwhelming)!
  • You want to be able to start making this real without making drastic or risky changes in your life, even if you’re short on time or money.  Yay!

And you have some concerns and questions…

  • As someone with “Shiny Object Syndrome”, it seems like you keep scattering your energy and nothing ever really takes off.  But you want to be able to do all those cool ideas!
  • Perhaps you’ve been unsuccessful at it in the past, and are discouraged.
  • You have responsibilities and bills to pay. You’re unsure if you can find your passion and turn it into income without leaving your secure paycheck.
  • You have some conscious fears or hesitations that hold you back, and aren’t sure how to move forward.
  • Perhaps you don’t even know what you’re passionate about, or good at and don’t know where to begin figuring it out!

Does any of that sound like you?

If so, I’m putting together something for you (something that’s changed my life and will change yours), but I need you do 1 of 2 things (or both if you want to 🙂

1) EMAIL ME (my address is [my first name at pebblestorm dot com] or on Facebook: your biggest fear or frustration about doing something you love with your life and making plenty of money at it, and/or…

… an open Question & Answer call.  I’ll be hanging out on the line, taking ANY question you have about Unique Genius (or ANYTHING)…you don’t need to register, just show up!  I’ll stay on as long as you have questions.

[UPDATE: Here’s the recording]

Or Click here to download…

I really love talking with people about this stuff.  Good thing, since I’ve built my business around it, heh.  I’ll share more of the details of the thing I’ve been working on later this week, but first I want to get a chance to talk or email live with you, so please email me at [my first name at pebblestorm dot com] to share your questions or biggest frustrations with me…

Can’t wait to hear from you!  🙂

Aaron Ross

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  1. Michael Olson Says:

    I am curious about the web businesses you started with very little money. What were the important lessons for us that you learned in these experiences?

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