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Do you have a lot of interests and ideas…perhaps so many that you can’t, or don’t to, focus on any one thing…and end up feeling like you’re not getting the results you want?  You have a bunch of passions and business ideas, but can’t get one off the ground?

This is a video from my Unique Genius Superhero Program on conquering “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  I see this challenge ALL THE TIME!  Including in myself – which is how I’ve learned how to overcome it.  (By the way – because this is part of a bigger program, I do use terms like “throw a rock”, “tree exercise”, etc. that I don’t explain in this single video.)

This video is for people with multiple interests that paralyze them from starting or completing anything, especially a first profitable business.

If you’re someone with multiple businesses – most of which are struggling – the solution is a bit different.  Watch at least the first three minutes, and then leave a question about it in the comments and I’ll answer you there.

“Conquer Shiny Object Syndrome”


Another Way To Conquer Shiny Object Syndrome

Three days of Unique Genius work + archery + fun + like-minded, supportive people will give you the clarity, confidence and completion of a next step to take the right next step!  One, I’ll bet, that was in front of you that you didn’t know you could take 🙂

Details About The Unique Genius “Your Call To Adventure” Event

Note the “Early Decision Amount” registration deadline to save $300 ends this Friday, October 1st.

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This is Your Call To Adventure: I’m inviting you turn your purpose & passions into a business at the (fast-approaching) Unique Genius “Your Call To Adventure” hero’s journey live event.

An Important Lesson to Learn: Even if the event doesn’t resonate with you, visit the site as an example  of the lesson “Boring does not equal credible; Express what you want to get what you want.” More below…

About The Unique Genius “Your Call To Adventure”

It’s going to be 30 people max (about 20 spots are left) and a blast – a mash up of archery, money, purpose & more! It’s perfect either if this is a priority for you, or if you are really time-limited and getting away for a weekend immersion is the best way to figure this out for yourself, and…

  1. Have a BLAST getting clear on your purpose and  recharging your energy!
  2. Tie your purpose and passions into a real business model  (& stop scattering your energy).
  3. Create and launch a significant new money- or fulfillment-making component of your business.
  4. Meet, network & partner with awesome people who can help your business.

“You’ve saved my life Aaron (seriously)” – Honour Leigh, in the Unique Genius Superhero Program

“This has been one of the most valuable three days of my life” – Jared Krause, prior attendee

(By the way, the video on the Your Call To Adventure page was the last one before my skin cancer op and scar 🙂   I’ll get you a post-scar video soon, I’m healing quickly.)

Second, The Lesson:

“Boring does not equal credible; Express what you want to get what you want.”

Do you think work has to be boring, serious and plain?  Grey walls?  50 versions of blue shirts and khaki pants?

Perhaps it’s because you feel you have to make it ‘serious’, or ‘plain’ to be taken seriously…to fit in.

Screw that – unless you want to attract people who are boring, serious or plain (no judgment here, heh.)

If you hold back on who you are, the combination of money, fulfillment and freedom of full self-expression will hold back on you.

If you want to attract fun, energetic, purposeful people – add that to your work and be BOLD about it. Declare it!

If you want (your passion), (your interest), (your desire) – add those to your work and messaging!  You attract what you are.  So be what and who you are, without reservation or hesitation…and results will come.

It may be easier said than done…because most people’s problem is figuring out who they are and what they want and how to live it…but then again that’s what Your Call To Adventure is for 😉

One of the most common reasons entrepreneurs with purpose-based businesses don’t make money because they don’t share themselves fully. They’re scared of scaring people off.

So – check out as an example of how I’m living this myself, even if you don’t care for the event or my work. At least learn by example.

What passion or interest are you leaving out of your  work, that you can mash into it the same way I do with things like adventure and heroism?

Rock on, Superheroes!

Aaron Ross

Questions About The Event?

Leave A Comment or email us with your question, name and best way to contact you and let’s have a quick chat about it.  It’ll be an intimate event, and so we’re happy to put in the work to ensure you’re a good fit.