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Do you have a lot of interests and ideas…perhaps so many that you can’t, or don’t to, focus on any one thing…and end up feeling like you’re not getting the results you want?  You have a bunch of passions and business ideas, but can’t get one off the ground?

This is a video from my Unique Genius Superhero Program on conquering “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  I see this challenge ALL THE TIME!  Including in myself – which is how I’ve learned how to overcome it.  (By the way – because this is part of a bigger program, I do use terms like “throw a rock”, “tree exercise”, etc. that I don’t explain in this single video.)

This video is for people with multiple interests that paralyze them from starting or completing anything, especially a first profitable business.

If you’re someone with multiple businesses – most of which are struggling – the solution is a bit different.  Watch at least the first three minutes, and then leave a question about it in the comments and I’ll answer you there.

“Conquer Shiny Object Syndrome”


Another Way To Conquer Shiny Object Syndrome

Three days of Unique Genius work + archery + fun + like-minded, supportive people will give you the clarity, confidence and completion of a next step to take the right next step!  One, I’ll bet, that was in front of you that you didn’t know you could take 🙂

Details About The Unique Genius “Your Call To Adventure” Event

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2 Responses to “How To Conquer “Shiny Object Syndrome””

  1. Andreas Says:

    Thank Aaron! Great approach. I know this syndrom. You are getting overwhelmed by possibilities and ideas. You start something then you experience first difficulties and then you just stop and do the next thing. This way you never complete anything. I am still in the battle with this syndrome. Its a bitch!

    Here is another approach of David Rinsley:

    Make only what you want to create.
    Create until completion.
    Understand the fear.

    Also in the new book of Chris G. there is a section how to overcome fear on page 52 to 66


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