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This is a direct excerpt from an email I wrote to my Unique Genius Superhero Program clients on Tuesday, October 12th:

Jessica Henning is my girlfriend (partner). Her best guy friend, Marc, was killed in a fatal car accident on Sunday.

Jessica was able to get to the hospital in time to see him. They both had the gift of being able to talk just before he passed. Marc was able to share with her his dying message, to paraphrase: “…all you have are the memories and experiences and love…”.

I’m tearing up again just writing this.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama and stress of life (around money, health, relationships…) – all of which is crap we create for ourselves.

I don’t have a simple answer on how to cut through the crap instantly to reconnect every day with what’s important, which is love of yourself and others (and related feelings, like fun, joy &, gratitude)…which come from awesome relationships and experiences.

I can see that everything that I’m putting into the Superhero Program is meant to help you do this, to create a life of happiness based on authentic work.

Who is someone you could email, call or write to express how much you appreciate them, have learned from them or love them?

Final Thought

Life’s too short to do work that sucks or be in a relationship that drains you.

No one else is going to save you – not your spouse, mom, coach or friend – only you can do that.  Many of you already are awesomely working on it.

Yet even if you’re one of those people that complains about your job or relationship but never does anything about it (though if you fixed it, you’d have nothing to complain about) then take responsibility for your own life and ask yourself:

  1. How did I create what I have today? (If you blame others for what you have, that’s the “victim” in you talking)
  2. What do I actually, authentically want?
  3. Commit to taking a first baby step, and then frickin’ take it!

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.

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Here’s a little video update on my skin cancer – it’s all gone, and now I’m going to have a cool scar.   And more importantly for you – think I’m always all perfectly calm and zen?  Nope!  I can get plenty frustrated, as this video shows 🙂  I was thinking about this this morning, and just had to get out of my car at the airport to shoot this…

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