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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have figured out how to make money through their purpose & passions to create fulfillment and freedom.

Susan Kennedy aka SARK, is an artist who’s had a fascinating and tumultuous journey to figure out how to share her gifts with the world.  You’ll immediately recognize her trademark colorful, handwritten style after the first time you see it!  Think my sketches, on steroids times a bajillion 🙂

SARK also just published a new book, her 16th, titled “Glad No Matter What: Transforming Losses & Change Into Gifts & Opportunity“.  It’s awesome.  Have you ever seen a handwritten, published book?  That’s SARK’s style.  And while she’s crazily creative, she’s found an excellent groove in mixing her creative right brain stuff with left brain processes.

Rather than trying to explain more why she’s so awesome, just glance through the list of bullet points of stuff we covered in the interview… (for example, how can someone “opt out” of the money system and live on barter and trade for 10 years??)…pretty fascinating!

  • Why she calls herself a “human experiment”
  • Why you shouldn’t avoid feelings like loneliness or anger (and how to deal with them)
  • Why SARK’s work is important to Unique Genius
  • How being molested as a young girl planted the seeds of her Unique Genius, leading her to an early mentor
  • How – at 10 years old – she save the life of her childhood mentor with small gifts, and realized “I’m supposed to be a beacon of hope”
  • How SARK opted out of the “money system” to live on barter & trade for 10 years
  • Great advice from her grandfather: “do everything you can think of doing now, so you know what you don’t want to do the rest of your life” (SARK went on to have 250 jobs between ages 14 and 26!)
  • How, at 35, SARK decided it was time to share all her art and gifts with the world and first turned her art into money
  • Why SARK’s first $2.5 million business wasn’t fulfilling or profitable
  • SARK’s best three tips staying uber-creative
  • About SARK’s “Micro movement wheel of delight” (I love how she reframes even baby steps into fun!)
  • SARK’s Free Inspiration Phone-line (12,000 people call it every month): 415-546-3742

Here’s another inspirational and empowered woman who made her challenges in the past a tool for a better future…

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I’m (Re)Learning How To Rest

November 10th, 2010

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Know those people who are busy all the time?  Well, your brain, like your body, needs time to recuperate, re-energize and get stronger.  If you don’t get enough rest, you won’t physically or mentally ‘heal’ as much as you could.

Here’s a quick (1 minute) video about it, just after I’d gotten out of bed, and I’m still feeling a little silly 🙂

Why Rest?

After putting a LOT of energy into my Unique Genius work the past six months (mostly on launching the Unique Genius Superhero Program and the “Your Call To Adventure 3-Day Retreat“), I’m dialing it down for three months (November, December, January).  I’m avoiding new projects to focus on my current programs and clients.

I don’t have a challenge in taking action – I have more of a challenge to rest enough (especially sleeping, napping, meditating, being positively lazy).  And yes, it is a challenge.  Without enough rest, I don’t feel as sharp, inspired, energized or creative as I know I can be.

I can get away with a few night or weeks of high-output work, but it always catches up to me.  And the longer I wait to recuperate and rest, the longer it takes… hence the “take it easier for three months” goal now.

I actually don’t think this will be easy for me…but I’ll give it my best shot!

It’ll help that I’m going to the awesome Optimum Health Institute next week for a week.

About The Fruit & Vegetable Cleanse I Mention


Have Advice For Me? What Are Your Favorite Ways To Rest?

I’d love some suggestions and ideas.

One that really works for me: Yoga Nidra guided meditations from Robin Carnes.  I can actually take naps with these…and I have a really tough time napping.

What’s yours?  Leave A Comment!