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I love this quote from Dr. Seuss about being a Unique Genius:

“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t mind.”

Here’s my imitation Dr. Seuss addition…

“What did you want to think, do or say,
But held back from expressing today?”

And one in haiku for kicks 🙂

It’s easy to wait
“Someday I’ll do what I love”
Someday never comes

What can you do TODAY to enjoy yourself at work?  How can you earn 10 Enjoyment Points?



Coming Soon – A Free Unique Genius Ebook…

The Unique Genius ebook “You can make as much money as you want, doing what you love” is almost done…look for it in early March!

And it won’t cost a dang thing.

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In 2004, I got honest with myself that my marriage had failed.  Ouch.  Yet as painful as it was, it led me to a much happier, healthier relationship.

And I remember in 2007, working as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at a venture capital firm in Palo Alto, when I first got really honest with myself: I admitted that I didn’t want to start a business that didn’t feel meaningful, no matter how sexy it was.  I admitted to myself that I didn’t want to start a company which required me to raise money.  I admitted that I didn’t want to do software anymore,  that titles and prestige just weren’t important compared to day-to-day fulfillment.

Raw self-honesty isn’t always comfortable, but it’s necessary if you want to live a full life and have a full bank account.

Being honest with myself that way changed my life forever, leading me to start PebbleStorm and create the Unique Genius work (how to make as much money as you want, doing what you want).

I originally recorded this video of the beautiful Brenda Owens to share with my Unique Genius Superhero Program clients, but this is a message everyone – including me! – should be reminded of…be honest with yourself!

YouTube Preview Image

If you missed it, I wrote a blog post in January called “How I Lie To Myself“.

More About Brenda Owens

Brenda’s one of five 1-1 mentoring clients in my “All-in” PebbleStorm Mastermind.  Here’s a little bit about her from her site, and where her inspiration comes from to help others…

“As an only child, I lost my mother when I was 27, I lost my father when I was 30, and then my marriage ended a couple of months later.  After that, I bought into the myth that unconditional love was no longer available to me, as I had no blood relatives or even a husband…

Today, I rarely feel lonely and live my life from the inside out.  I love and trust myself and am comfortable and confident in my own skin.  In my heart I know and believe if I could make such a shift, to live life from the ‘inside out’ that anyone can.  It really comes down to understanding that it’s our thoughts and choices that create our reality.  I assist people in feeling happy, loved, inspired and serene.  My purpose and passion is to motivate myself and others to take the next step to Live an Inspired Life and enjoy happy success.

She’s a wonderful example of someone who’s honest and authentic both with herself and others.

You can find out more about Brenda and her story at, and if you have a pet, check out the cute “Pet Blessings” name tags at!

Brenda’s starting a new coaching practice, so if she ‘speaks’ to you in the video or in her story on, reach out to her to say hi or find out about her coaching at Contact Brenda Owens.  She lives in Carlsbad, CA, so if you know anyone in that area who should meet her, please forward this on.

If You Were Totally Honest With Yourself, How Would That Change Your Work Or Life?

How are you settling in your work?  What would your life look like if you didn’t give up on what you really want out of work?  If you could be successful at anything, and started taking steps towards it?

I have never met someone who didn’t have a special gift or superpower that they could activate if they chose to.

How do you make excuses for not committing to finding your gifts / making more money / having more fun in life & at work / inspiring more people / making a bigger difference?

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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have figured out how to make money through their purpose & passions to create fulfillment and freedom.

If you read my post on my Top 5 Big Goals For The Year, you know speaking is one of them (“Get paid to speak or get invited to speak at a TED event”).  Are you interested in speaking someday, but have a fear of it?  Listen to this interview!

I’d never heard of Richard Robbins until a friend recently introduced us – and I was inspired right away.  Through his passion for speaking (which used to be a great fear), Richard’s built a sales coaching and empowerment business that’s generated $50 Million in revenue over the past 10 years. He also has control over his time and days – his days don’t control him.  I resonated with his vision, integrity and balance of business success with daily health and enjoyment.

He’s like “the future Aaron & PebbleStorm 10 years from now” in many ways, because I’m following in his footsteps and building a business with a similar model to what he’s done.

If you’re an aspiring speaker (even years out), listen to this interview.  I grill Richard on different lessons learned, tips and what works for him….

  • How Richard turned speaking from a great fear into a great passion (and how he now earns $25,000 – $200,000 per speech)
  • How he gives 60-90 minute talks despite having “a poor memory”
  • About his “Mediocrity Myth”: why success is only a price to be paid upfront, while mediocrity is a lifetime cost
  • Why he set a goal to do 50 free talks in one year (and how he got them)
  • How his free talks led to his next business
  • The greatest advice he ever received about speaking
  • About his weekly date night with his wife, and favorite times of the day in work and out of work
  • What an perfect day in Richard’s life is like (beginning with two hours reflection time and exercise)

And more, of course!

Listen To Or Download The Interview

Click here to download…

More about Richard Robbins

.About Unique Genius

There’s a process to figuring out how to make as much money as you want, doing what you want. Find out the latest at

What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Interview?

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