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Becoming more confident and decisive can make your life a lot easier, yet a lot of people still struggle with making choices (I know I have!)  We put them off until ‘later’ or ‘someday’ and we all know that means, almost, probably never.

Do I change jobs or not?  Do I start a company or not?  If so, when?  Which name do I choose?  Do I choose something NOW that I don’t love, or do I wait until a better name finds me?  Do I charge for my first event?  How much?  Do I say no to a client or partner I’m not excited about?  Do I have a live event, a teleconference or webinar?  Etc, etc, etc…

Here is the first rule of thumb (out of seven) I have in my “Decisions Determine Destiny” cheatsheet:

1. Success Requires Decisions: You will not be successful (wealthy, fulfilled, free) unless you can make decisions.

Decision-making is an ESSENTIAL life and business skill that you can develop, like learning to play a sport.  By their very nature, you will never have perfect, risk-free clarity with important decisions.  At some point you must “leap, and the net will appear”.

What process do you need to go through in order to make a decision and be at peace with it?   Some things that can help: meditation, advice, encouragement, physical activity, a deadline, incentives, reflection on how you made supportive decisions in the past, do something with a buddy.

Results and clarity come AFTER a decision is made, not before.  A “Maybe state of mind” is not a decision, and will just create anxiety and uncertainty.  “Yes” and “No” are decisions that allow you to move forward one way or the other.

You can download the 2-page cheat sheet below.

Decisions Allow Movement & Flow

Other people get stopped by thinking a decision has to be a BIG decision.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes decisions are big, but most of the time, we add more drama than need be.  Also, you can always break what seems to be a big decision down to smaller ones (in business or in life).

Take my wedding for example.  There were tons of decisions for me and my wife to make and tons to plan, people to invite, contracts to sign, design, flowers, photography, dress, you name it, but we planned the whole wedding in 2 weeks!  Being decisive let it flow together.

And I heard from more than one guest that the wedding seemed as if we had been planning for months.  Whether you take 2 years or 2 weeks, in the end, a decision is almost always the same you would have made in the first place (if you’re practiced at listening to your gut.)

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with decisions.  If you need to, break a big one down into smaller ones.  Or make a list of decisions you want to make, then start at the top.  It’s better to make one and “get it wrong”, yet move forward, than remain stuck and clogged.  Even if you make a decision and then are unhappy with it later, at least you tried something and learned from it.

Another way to help you make a decision is to stop thinking about yourself.  Think about what your wife, husband, friend, brother, sister, mom or dad would do if they were in your shoes; what would you want them to do?

It’s funny how we’ll leap for someone else, but more than often… not for ourselves.

So, now it’s your turn.  What is a decision you want to make, that’s bugging you?  Choose yes or no, left or right, start or stop.  And remember… sometimes saying no is just as powerful as saying yes.

Download The Decisions Cheat Sheet

To help you with making decisions, I created this tool:
Download My Decision-Making Cheatsheet Here

It’s important to be comfortable at making decisions.  Decisions determine destiny.

And by making them and more of them and exercising your decision-making muscle, you’ll make it stronger and build your confidence!


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I’ve received all kinds of questions about the Unique Genius Superhero Program… here is a list of 30 common ones.  Have any more?  Leave a comment at the bottom!


Q: How much time is required?

A: I would recommend at least an hour a week. It’s all recorded, so you can put down the program for awhile and come back to it anytime you want.  I include a mini-course on time management and organizational practices in the program.

Q: I have an abundance of gifts, but am not sure how to combine them and clearly brand/state/market these gifts and skills to an open and appreciative target audience.  Will the program help me do this?

A: Yes, most definitely, as you might have seen a sample of in the “5 Ways To Make Money On Purpose” Unique Genius Video on increasing your value.

Q: What if I don’t know my purpose or passions?

A: That’s what this program is for!

Q: I don’t know what I want to do.

A: That’s what this program is for!

Q: What if I don’t know what I’d be good at enough to charge money for?

A: That’s what this program is for!

Q: What if I already know my purpose?

A: Awesome – then you should have a head start on making money with it!  But – keep an open mind, because everyone always learns new stuff about their purpose and passions through this work too.

Q: I’ve tried other programs like this and nothing’s worked. How do I know it’ll work for me?

A: If you have a really important door that you want to unlock and you have a ring of keys, do you stop trying to unlock it because the first few (or dozens) of keys didn’t work? Or do you keep looking for the right key, knowing it’s out there somewhere?

Q: How do I know it’ll work for me?

A: I don’t, but I can make it as simple, doable, effective as possible (and include a 90-Day Unconditional Happiness Guarantee).  And it’s worked for all kinds of other people already, as I’ve shared examples of in the Unique Genius videos.

If you’ve succeeded at anything in your life (whether in business, school, relationships, health…any area), you have the capability to succeed at this.

Q: What if I miss part of the course?  I’m going to be traveling for a few weeks during it.

A: The course is all online, and you get LIFETIME ACCESS so you can work on it at your own pace over months or event years 🙂   Along with lifetime access is a lifetime guarantee.

You won’t miss anything if you’re gone for a few weeks.

Q: Admittedly I would love to “get rich quick” I think we all would. But over the years I have come to understand that “getting rich” is simply doing what you love. If you do what you love it is no longer work and as long as your needs are met you can hold on for the long haul and build it into the empire we desire.

A: I cheated here – no this isn’t a question…I just thought this was an insightful comment from Sean Allen 🙂

Q: How is the program delivered?

  1. The core of it is in online training videos, similar to the free Unique Genius training videos.
  2. Action guides & cheat-sheets with supplement the videos.
  3. Orientation + regular support/Q&A calls.

Do you have a payment plan option?

A: Yes, there is a 3-month payment plan option.

Q: Is this for new entrepreneurs only?  I have been in business for several years already.

A: Not all of the content is for you if you already have a business, but most of it is. For example, Rich Walker has been a software CEO for years, and loved the program (his testimonial video is on the registration page, or see it on youtube here).

If all you want to do is grow your current business and aren’t as interested in more fulfillment, check out  If more fulfillment is just or more important as the money, then Unique Genius is for you.

Q: Does the program explain for example how to start a business, or is it just around finding your purpose?

A: The course will show you (the simple ways) of how to start a business, if you don’t have one already, and to start making money with it.

Q: I can’t afford the course right now.  Will you run the course again in the future?

A: Yes, next year I’ll run the program again, though I can’t say when or if it will be the same price or more or less.  If you miss us this time, I’m not going anywhere.

Q: I’m worried about not being able to feed my family.  Is this course worth investing in?

A: Rather than this program, is there a full or part-time job you can get to create more conventional financial stability?  This isn’t a ‘hail mary’ or get rich quick program.

Q: Is there some mechanism built in the program that will hold participants accountable?

A: No.  We, for now, only  do that with people who hire us for private or group coaching.  What I do in the online Superhero courses is my best to:

  • Make the information as simple and doable as possible
  • Share it in bite-sized chunks
  • Help you create a more compelling vision for yourself and your work, to inspire you to create some better habits

Also, I will have some simple ways to encourage people to buddy up. The BEST way to create some accountability is with the buddy system.

Q: I’m someone with seemingly hundreds of interests and don’t have one real big interest or purpose, which seems to me a requirement to be successful with a program like yours. Will the program work for me?

A: First – if you really can’t focus at all because of “Shiny Object Syndrome”, you’ll have problems succeeding at anything, right? (Whether it’s my program or someone else’s).  So –

Second – you CAN most definitely find that “one thing” that underlies all your interests, as I talk about in Video #3: “7 Step Process To Discover Your Purpose”.

I have a ton of different interests, and my frustration in trying to do them all is what actually led me to create Unique Genius…so the program is most definitely designed for people like you who are tired of scattering their energy and want some RESULTS.

Q: Is the program just for people who want to start a coaching or writing business?

A: Heck no.  I categorize businesses into a few key types:

  1. Teaching (experts, training, programs, coaching, speaking, authors)
  2. Experiences (events, travel, experiential seminars)
  3. People Services (time-based consulting, healing)
  4. Online services (web-based services or products, online communities)
  5. Products (digital or physical)

A Unique Genius business can be any kind.  (Actually, a Unique Genius business, once it evolves & grows, ends up including all five pieces.)

The teaching model is USUALLY the best place to BEGIN for people, because you can make money before you spend money, it forces you to get really clear on your value, and it can lead to any other kind of business in the future….but you for sure don’t have to begin there.

Q: I don’t have extra money for start-up costs for a new business.

A: Do you have a $100 – $150?  You don’t need more than that (though it doesn’t hurt to have more of course!)  The course is designed to help people move forward in creative ways that don’t require much money (as I have done with my businesses).

Here’s a recent Wall Street Journal article with three examples of businesses that were started for less than $150: “WSJ: Start-Ups on a Shoestring”

Q: I’m concerned that If I make money from what I love, I won’t love it as much.

A valid concern…if you stay focused on bringing your passion into work but without creating a dependency on having to only make money through your passion, you can make money through your passion while still enjoying it.

Q: Can I make enough money from a Unique Genius business to replace the money I make now and more?

A: First, if you need to earn money now, I always recommend that you keep your job or do part-time consulting to create a stable financial situation while you incubate your Unique Genius business on the side, with even an hour or few hours of work a week.

You can replace and improve on your current income, though I can’t say how long it will take you – as fast as a year, or as long as several years.  It took me about three years to make more than my old corporate job.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you will do it!!

Q: I can’t compete in my line of work – how would Unique Genius help me?

A: If you feel that you can’t compete, it’s likely that you aren’t different from the competition, you aren’t unique.  One thing that makes you unique in all the world is your story, your values, your superpowers…your Unique Genius.  Get clear on that and competition will disappear.

Q: I’m worried about what people will think of my purpose and passions.  I’m hesitant to share my ideas with people, either family or coworkers.

A: This is just a phase.  AT FIRST it’s often challenging for most people to share what’s coming up for them through the Unique Genius process.  I went through this myself, worrying about what people would think, because it was SO different than anything I’d done or was known for.

I have two whole steps in the ‘7-Step Discover Your Purpose Process”, “Share & Listen” and “Accept”, that help you get through this phase as easily as possible.  Again, remember you’ll get through this phase.

Q: I have a fear that starting my own business will make me unhappy, either 1) because I fail and suffer embarrassment and ridicule or 2) because I succeed and I get trapped by a lot of unfulfilling work.

A: That’s a tough trap you’re boxed into – damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  I guess if you’re happy with what you have today, it doesn’t matter…but if you aren’t, here’s what I’d suggest.

You have to try something and experiment, or else you’ll never make progress and learn how to thread the needle of these fears.

Even if you do something and it doesn’t work out as you wish, you will at least have learned more about what works and doesn’t work for you.  You can do this without making big commitments, in baby steps.

And besides, I’ve already written the book “CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs”… I know that I (and you) can’t get trapped by work or having employees!

Q: I’m concerned that I’m going to miss a step, most specifically as it relates to any kind of licensing needed / taxes / etc…all the legal stuff.

A: Those ‘business mechanics’ are tricky if you start with a business that deals with physical products, or a store… but if you begin with an information or teaching business, you don’t have to worry about 90% of that stuff!

Q: I have a very clear picture of the life I want to live but am having a hard time breaking the limiting beliefs I have to achieve my goals.

A: Everyone has limiting beliefs – I have had them, and still do 🙂  Much of the course is actually about breaking limiting beliefs – as you may have seen in the “How To Start A Business That Can’t Fail” video.

I had a ton of limiting beliefs that held me back before I started PebbleStorm & Unique Genius.  There’s no reason you can’t break ‘em with some help from myself, the guest trainers & encouragement from other PebbleStormers.

Q: I don’t have any skills, gifts or passions that are valuable, in terms of being able to get paid for them.

A: This is what the course is for – to help you recognize the skills, gifts & passions that you have but are buried or that you don’t recognize in yourself.  This is a common and natural phase to begin at, because you take yourself for granted.  The irony with superpowers is that they’re often too natural to you (like breathing) for you to notice J

If you’re at ‘ground zero’ with no idea or confidence in your gifts, you can still unlock your Unique Genius.  It takes commitment, baby steps and patience, because part of what you’ll be doing is changing your mindset and habits.

I’ll bet though that you’ll surprise yourself at how quickly in the course you’ll get some clarity & see where to mine your value!

Having said that…being totally honest with yourself, if you are pessimistic, I would recommend that you not register for Unique Genius.

Q: I want some more personal, 1-1 help from you.  What are my options?

If you want more help than just in the Unique Genius Superhero Program, contact me through to set up a session so we can get to know each other.

Q: Is the Program more than just the worksheets, items from the blog, “package” into the modules? I realize the bonuses are different, but the true core of the Program…?  Besides the calls, are the exercises more in depth than the blog?

Yes, definitely.

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Enjoying this Q&A?  Check the comments below, because there are already 10+ more detailed questions and answers there.  Feel free to leave your own questions there.

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