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So you’re unfulfilled or frustrated at your current work, either because it drains you or because you’re not making enough money at it.  That’s common, and a great place to be.

Why?  It’s giving you an opportunity to reflect on how to stop doing more of what does not work.

It’s giving you reasons and incentives to figure out what you really want to do for work, and how you can make money in ways that are fun and feel great.

Yet a block EVERYONE runs into when starting your own “thing” (a project, company, not-for-profit, whatever) is a desire to get people to be interested in your stuff, to “be interesting.”  It’s true both if you already have an idea you’re trying to get people to like, or you’re searching for a new idea.

Trying to ‘be interesting’ is like looking for jobs based on “who would hire me?” while ‘being interested’ is like job searching based on “where can I make the biggest difference and have the most fun, while making money?”

You won’t find fulfillment this way, by trying to “be interesting” to others.  It’s an endless search for what other people might want, hoping they like you and your work, and being disappointed when they aren’t.

How do I know?  I spent 15 years climbing the success ladder (investment banking, founding an Internet company,, Venture Capital, etc) trying to “be interesting”…and yet never truly felt fulfilled or like I was “enough.”

A hidden belief was something like “I’ll feel complete after I found a company and take it public…” (not!)

Can I offer you another path that is easier and empowering?

Rather than trying to ‘be interesting’, you need to practice ‘being interested.’  And I mean ‘be interested’, and curious in yourself, as much as in others.

Being interested in yourself looks like “What is interesting to you?  What do you enjoy? What could fulfill you?  When have you made the most money, the easiest way?”

(For more questions, download a Unique Genius Assessment here)

Being interested in others looks like: “What are some problems of people or businesses you know?  What do they want?  What is in their way?  How do they see that you can help them? What do they see are your superpowers?  What would they want you to teach them?”

Make sense?

How Can I Help You With Your Unique Genius?

Now, I’m taking my own advice here.  Rather than re-open registration for the Unique Genius Superhero Program by telling you how great and ‘interesting’ it is, I’m first asking for you to reach out to tell me what you need and what would make it ideal for you.

I created the Unique Genius Superhero Program as a curriculum to teach you and the world how to create work based on values like trust, integrity and patience, how to make money through enjoyment.

The Superhero Program is actually a complete bundle of my four best courses:

Course #1: Light Your Fire
Course #2: Discover & Declare Yourself
Course #3: Make Your First $1 Through Your Purpose and Passions
Course #4: Grow a Fulfilling Business that Can’t Fail

The goal is to create a community of 100 million people working with these values, because when you’re working with people you trust and like, work can be easy and fun!

(By the way, if you’re new here and want to get a sense of what the heck it’s about, check out the free Unique Genius Training Videos, such as “Start A Business That Can’t Fail” here)

And the best, most well-intentioned work in the world won’t make a difference if no one understands it or believes in it.  If it doesn’t ‘speak’ to people.

My work won’t matter unless I am interested in what you want from it, and how it can best serve you.

I realized that making my work interesting is not what I needed.  I needed to get interested, interested in YOU!  I needed to get interested in what makes your clock tick, lights your fire, what you need to unlock your Unique Genius …

So, I am asking YOU to write back to my assistant Kristine at kristine-at-pebblestorm-dot-com, answering any or all of these questions:

  • What’s the most frustrating part of your day?
  • What matters most to you right now?
  • Why can’t you make as much money as you want, doing what you love?
  • What do you want most from work or life?
  • What is in your way from having it?
  • What do you want to do over the next 12-24 months?
  • What’s one thing you would love to change about your work or life?
  • Are you comfortable asking for help?
  • If you’d like help in this, what would the help look like?

Or just write anything to us…

Please only write to us if you are willing to “get interested” in the Unique Genius work and Superhero Program (whether it is now or five years from now or just “someday”).

So, please email kristine-at-pebblestorm-dot-com, and tell her your answers to any of those questions (or any you want to make up), or anything else you’d like us to know or request for us to do or create.

Do you know how you get what you want?

Ask for it!

My partners, assistant and I, plus the Unique Genius mentors (past Superhero Program alumni) are listening to you.

This is a way to give you a great opportunity to ask for what you want, and so I can make the program even more effective and inspiring for us all (including me!).

Let’s get off the fence together, get interested in our passions and start something today (with a baby step!)