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February 15th, 2013

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does life also take you in funny directions, when you let it?

i’ve been spending all my time on two things the past year:

1) my family (I can’t believe Pari is about to turn 1!) which is growing again this summer to a total of 4 kids, when we pick up our adopted 4-year old son “Maverick” from China, and

2) growing my sales consulting business “Predictable Revenue“, which has a brand new website I’m excited about!

what’s funny to me is that even 3-4 years ago, i NEVER would have guessed that I’d have such a large and growing family, or that my ‘main’ business would be helping companies grow sales.  but, my sales consulting’s evolved into a really fulfilling business and i’m surrounded by great people who I enjoy working with.

i know it’s easy to get stuck in a job thinking “this is boring” or frustrating.  but 90+% of that frustration either comes from your attitude or the people around you.  (by the way, if they or your manager are toxic, Get Out).

the people I work with matters so much more (like 98% importance) than what the heck we’re actually doing (say 2% importance).  with my current team, we could be doing a gardening business, or coffee cups, and still be having a great time.

Unique Genius + Sales?

by the way, i’m putting together a ‘merger’ of Unique Genius and Predictable Revenue…

“selling” is a necessary life skill to accomplishing anything, whether you’re an adult or teen, getting a job, starting a non-profit or inspiring people to take action… and you can ‘sell’ in ways that bring in money and feel good.

take a look here for more: “Unique Genius Sales: Are You Scared Or Sick Of Selling? v1.0″ (warning to perfectionists – it’s just a first draft).

lastly, hope you and your family are well these days,

Aaron “Air” Ross


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