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i’ve started taking one of our big kids (my son valentin – 8 years old; my daughter aurora – 10 years old) on my business trips, when i speak at events or conferences.

i want them to learn what real life is like by experiencing it hands-on when they can.  plus it’s more fun for me and keeps the trip light 🙂

in august, i spoke twice at Hubspot’s huge Inbound Conference in Boston (one talk: Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue;  the second “Simple, Sane & Successful Inbound Marketing” -> which if you check out, you’ll see that i’m using a lot of funny family pictures in my presentations now to help make my points and further complement work and family)

valentin came with me to this trip to boston:

IMG_0644 dad bud hubspot conference

 of course we had to build a fort at the hotel from just about everything we could pick up or move!

IMG_0684 bud fort boston

warning: you gotta be careful goofing around with a jacket over your head –

YouTube Preview Image

IMG_0681 cute bud dad

IMG_0664 speaking at hubspot bud in audience

IMG_0651 cute dad bud

valentin was very proud of is “VIP” title!

IMG_0648 bud proud of his vip badge

renting bikes and biking to Fenway Park

photo 4

took the Fenway Park tour

fenway park

heading home…

virigin america