it’s all a paradox

March 31st, 2015

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need to make more money?   you need to work harder to get that idea done.

or maybe you need to stop working, so you can come up with a better idea.

kids frustrated or fighting?   you need to give them more structure and discipline.

or maybe they’re just rebelling against the current structure and need more freedom.

in a troubled relationship?  you need to take a break from it and refind your priorities.

or maybe you need to go all-in and fully commit.

there’s a reason why you will always get conflicting advice for any problem you have – life’s a paradox, and there are no fixed ‘rules’ you can rely on.  well, maybe being honest with yourself and others.

the point is you need to learn to feel the best thing to do for you in each situation, not depend on others’ advice.

this is why anxiety is such a problem, because it blocks you from listening to you, and why fear-based decisions point people in the wrong direction.


late nights

March 29th, 2015

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the work never ends as a dad, and especially a dad-entrepreneur.  it’s 10:30pm and i finished getting kids to bed, dog walked / etc around 10pm.  then spent half an hour fiddling with email and responding to a couple of webinar comments.

and i have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow to help everyone get ready for school…

starting & growing a business can be a lot of work – with great rewards.

a family is a lot of work – with great rewards.

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having a family has been the #1 motivator to me to grow my business and income.  there’s nothing like having bills to pay, and needing (wanting desperately) to get a bigger house, private schools, medical, food, etc bills paid to light a fire under my ass!

in other words, when i was alone, i didn’t have enough purpose or passion around making money to really go for it in a big way.  but getting married and having (a lot) more kids did that for me.

in fact, i realize – as i work on the sequel to Predictable Revenue around massive revenue growth, like Zenefits growing from $1m in revenue to $100m+ in just two years?! – i’ve been following a lot of the same principles personally that the companies i’m writing about have done too.

small bites

March 27th, 2015

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i haven’t written on here for what seems a LONG TIME – mostly because i’m so focused on both my “” and “dad-of-5-and-growing” and “husband of 1” jobs.

i work my ass off all week, though only about 20-30 hours is at   so by the time i have free time, i’m rarely feeling like writing!

so i thought i’d try just posting some bites up here more regularly.

as an experiment.

starting today.

luckily i have a great team of support all around, between work and family, which has allowed us to grow income 10x over the past 3-4 years, and family size 3x, while working the same amount and actually having a lot more fun.

i know a lot of people are scared of having kids for the first time, or more than 1-2 kids.  i get it, i’ve been there.  but when you go ‘all-in’ (as my friend dr. phil would say) it all works out.

i’ve found in growing a business the best way for me to create financial wealth, while in growing a family’s been the best way to create emotional wealth.