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March 27th, 2015

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i haven’t written on here for what seems a LONG TIME – mostly because i’m so focused on both my “” and “dad-of-5-and-growing” and “husband of 1” jobs.

i work my ass off all week, though only about 20-30 hours is at   so by the time i have free time, i’m rarely feeling like writing!

so i thought i’d try just posting some bites up here more regularly.

as an experiment.

starting today.

luckily i have a great team of support all around, between work and family, which has allowed us to grow income 10x over the past 3-4 years, and family size 3x, while working the same amount and actually having a lot more fun.

i know a lot of people are scared of having kids for the first time, or more than 1-2 kids.  i get it, i’ve been there.  but when you go ‘all-in’ (as my friend dr. phil would say) it all works out.

i’ve found in growing a business the best way for me to create financial wealth, while in growing a family’s been the best way to create emotional wealth.

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