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comfort’s the enemy of growth.

our thinking and life is driven by habits.  a big change in your life requires a big change in your thinking (first), and then your doing.   people and businesses love to sit around basically doing the same thing year after year, hoping for more…when in reality they’re afraid of going ‘all in’ to make the changes necessary to create the breakthroughs.

change is scary for most people.

change requires uncertainty, by it’s very nature.  again, very scary for most people.

you have to embrace the fear and learn how to be ok with uncertainty, not run from it, if you want to go big in life or work.

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i’m feeling jealous.  it happens in the technology world all the time, to everyone, since there’s always a new hot company, a new big fundraising round or exit, or a new big publicity stunt.

it doesn’t happen to me as often as it used to when i was younger, but it happens.   i doubt 99% of humans can avoid it?

we all get jealous.  whichever business icon you see out there (elon musk, richard branson, etc) probably gets jealous of someone else’s family life.  a super happy parent might get jealous of a rich person, or of other parents with kids who had a music prodigy, or a million other parenting reasons..  or one entrepreneur of another who’s younger, did it faster, bigger, whatever.

whoever you’re jealous of is probably jealous themselves of a slim person.  or someone who can grow a beard.  or run fast, jump high, dance, make music, clothes, doesn’t have to deal with paparazzi… there’s an endless list of what you COULD be jealous about.

when it happens to me, i let it fuel my ambition, learning from others, and i also practicing ‘changing the station’ and think about all the amazingly happy parts of my life.

because if you “compare and despair” and let it rule you, it’ll suck any joy you do have out of your life.  it’s a no-win game to play with yourself.