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This is Your Call To Adventure: I’m inviting you turn your purpose & passions into a business at the (fast-approaching) Unique Genius “Your Call To Adventure” hero’s journey live event.

An Important Lesson to Learn: Even if the event doesn’t resonate with you, visit the site as an example  of the lesson “Boring does not equal credible; Express what you want to get what you want.” More below…

About The Unique Genius “Your Call To Adventure”

It’s going to be 30 people max (about 20 spots are left) and a blast – a mash up of archery, money, purpose & more! It’s perfect either if this is a priority for you, or if you are really time-limited and getting away for a weekend immersion is the best way to figure this out for yourself, and…

  1. Have a BLAST getting clear on your purpose and  recharging your energy!
  2. Tie your purpose and passions into a real business model  (& stop scattering your energy).
  3. Create and launch a significant new money- or fulfillment-making component of your business.
  4. Meet, network & partner with awesome people who can help your business.

“You’ve saved my life Aaron (seriously)” – Honour Leigh, in the Unique Genius Superhero Program

“This has been one of the most valuable three days of my life” – Jared Krause, prior attendee

(By the way, the video on the Your Call To Adventure page was the last one before my skin cancer op and scar 🙂   I’ll get you a post-scar video soon, I’m healing quickly.)

Second, The Lesson:

“Boring does not equal credible; Express what you want to get what you want.”

Do you think work has to be boring, serious and plain?  Grey walls?  50 versions of blue shirts and khaki pants?

Perhaps it’s because you feel you have to make it ‘serious’, or ‘plain’ to be taken seriously…to fit in.

Screw that – unless you want to attract people who are boring, serious or plain (no judgment here, heh.)

If you hold back on who you are, the combination of money, fulfillment and freedom of full self-expression will hold back on you.

If you want to attract fun, energetic, purposeful people – add that to your work and be BOLD about it. Declare it!

If you want (your passion), (your interest), (your desire) – add those to your work and messaging!  You attract what you are.  So be what and who you are, without reservation or hesitation…and results will come.

It may be easier said than done…because most people’s problem is figuring out who they are and what they want and how to live it…but then again that’s what Your Call To Adventure is for 😉

One of the most common reasons entrepreneurs with purpose-based businesses don’t make money because they don’t share themselves fully. They’re scared of scaring people off.

So – check out as an example of how I’m living this myself, even if you don’t care for the event or my work. At least learn by example.

What passion or interest are you leaving out of your  work, that you can mash into it the same way I do with things like adventure and heroism?

Rock on, Superheroes!

Aaron Ross

Questions About The Event?

Leave A Comment or email us with your question, name and best way to contact you and let’s have a quick chat about it.  It’ll be an intimate event, and so we’re happy to put in the work to ensure you’re a good fit.

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Can just three days with the PebbleStorm community, such as in the recent PebbleStorm Immersion, change your life?

In January we held an in-person event here in LA, the PebbleStorm “Learn, Create & Launch Your Business In A Weekend” Fun Immersion.  20 people attended the first day of the event (“Learn”), and 10 of us continued on through the entire three day Immersion “(Create & Launch”). The videos and stories here from three people are a small sample of the amazing energy, support and progress of the group.

Jared Krause, a social entrepreneur focused on directing group energy and action at direct solutions to global problems:

Jared wrote a blog post about the PebbleStorm Immersion three weeks after it ended:

“I went into the immersion not knowing what to expect. I’d gotten to know Aaron very briefly and frankly if I wasn’t at my wits end I probably wouldn’t have done it. I saw a video he did for a smaller event (that ended up attending and liking) and thought, what the hell. I remember thinking that Aaron seemed like he was actually enjoying his life. A guy who’d built a hundred million dollar per year sales team actually enjoying his life. Amazing.

My company has been death rattling for months and I’ve been looking for what’s next. It’s really hard letting go of something you give your all and believe in and I felt relatively fragile going in to something where I was going to not only think about next steps but really expose my situation to strangers. The fact that Aaron was so open and honest about having been through a failed startup, then a very successful traditional technology track and come out on the other side climbing mountains, riding motorcycles and meditating gave me enough confidence in him to give myself over his process.

Really, it could hardly have been better. What I’ve told people about him since is that Aaron’s totally excellent at figuring out not just what you’re great at, passionate about and excited to do, but also how to package that in a way that you can sell without feeling like you’re selling. And for a lot more money that at least I had imagined. He leveraged his skills and the collective experience and knowledge of the group to help me focus on what I could do to get started quickly, use the resources I had and really start to hone in on how to live the life of my dreams. That’s a big claim, but I feel more capable than I ever of have of getting there. I’ve been actively looking for that path for the last 4 years and in many ways I got more focus and direction out of the 3-day immersion than I had in the previous 4 years.

One of the biggest takeaways, perhaps the biggest, is the idea and practice of baby steps. Frankly, when I first heard him talk about it I was almost annoyed. I never take baby steps. I start running then move directly into flying before (often) falling and starting over. It’s not that my ideas aren’t strong or my ability to execute isn’t there, it’s that I didn’t realize that the way to actually go where I want to go is to break the huge task into little steps that I’m comfortable taking. And then to actually take them. One after another without skipping any.

Since the immersion I can’t say that I’ve conquered the world or made $1,000,000 (it’s been 3 weeks), but I can say that I’ve started to speak to people from the heart about what I care about and am getting tremendous response. In fact, as I’ve started to talk about it, I’ve started to attract clients quickly and easily. It’s not earth shattering, but within 3 weeks and with no more than 4 hours/week I’ve attracted a small handful of folks who are serious about paying me to do something I’ve dreamt of doing for years.

I’m having my first event tomorrow. It’s a gathering of 12 friends and partners getting together to talk about what we can do together. What’s happening in their lives and how we might work together to support each other and take focus on creating positive solutions to some major problems. I can say that I’ve been totally shocked by how many people not only said they wanted to come to the meeting, but were really, genuinely excited about it and wanted to bring people with them.

I’m looking forward to it and looking forward to keeping engaged with the PebbleStorm community. Aaron has attracted an absolutely amazing group of people. Dynamic, supportive, brilliant, passionate and engaged. Really, one of greatest advantages of the immersion was getting connected to such a fantastic group of folks. For anyone considering it, I would highly recommend it particularly if you’re looking for a real, practical and actionable way to start moving toward the life/work situation that you really want. Aaron is living proof that what he’s doing is working.

Thanks Aaron and thanks PebbleStorm!”

Onna Young, founder of Life After Debt: “A place for people to empower themselves financially, get debt free, and life a life they love and that inspires them”: “We’ve all created a business in a weekend, and it was nothing short of stunning and amazing and quite powerful experience for everyone in the room…”

Kim Santy, Founder of Soul Shui: “Balanced Living Through A Holistic Lifestyle“: “PebbleStorm as a community is extremely powerful…PebbleStorm has been instrumental in really helping me get to the next place in my life, helping me transform and become the kind of person I want to be…”

And Even After The Event Ends…

Jared: “…the further I get from the Immersion the more value it’s having to me.”

Phil Gascoyne, business coach & mentor: “4 weeks after the event when the hype is gone but the practical wisdom and community encouragement are just as powerful.   There hasn’t been a day gone by since the event that PebbleStorm hasn’t affected my life in some tangible way…and it is continuing to have even more impact as I take action on the ideas I have learned.   Thanks Aaron and the PebbleStorm Community.”

Thank you Phil for being such a positive and encouraging member of the group – I know people got as much help from you as you did from them.

It’s All About The Community

My vision for PebbleStorm has always (since July 2007) been to create a community of trusting people that have fun helping each other succeed. I was (and am) clear that my favorite part of work is creating things with people I trust and like – and I wanted to be able to do that all the time, and make money at it. What’s your favorite part of work?

Whether it’s in PebbleStorm or another group that more closely fits you – communities do exist that want to help you succeed and be happy. You don’t have to go it alone – and in fact, it’s a lot more fun and easier to succeed with a group of like-minded people. If you can’t find a group that you connect with, create one!

Next Up: A PebbleStorm Group Program/Mastermind

In the coming weeks we will be announcing the details of our next group program/Mastermind, which will be a group of people from around the world (including from LA, SF Bay Area, DC, NY, Dallas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Paris, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Australia, Brussels…) coming together to support each other in:

  1. Making as much money as you authentically want.
  2. Aligning your work with your life values and passions.
  3. Creating fulfilling work that makes a difference.
  4. Feeling powerful, valuable and capable of making an impact.
  5. Having the peace of mind & freedom that comes with having all the support you want from people that you trust and respect.

Don’t want to wait?

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If you resonate with what I’ve been sharing here on PebbleStorm ( and how I live my own life, you are meant for more – to play a bigger game in life, to have more fun and success in work, to make more money and to make a huge impact in the world (mine: I’m helping 100 million people make money through enjoyment).

Do you feeling a yearning to experience more purpose and fulfillment while making more money? Do you feel a nagging sense that you’re NOT really making the kind of contribution and positive impact in the world that is possible?

  • Perhaps you’re one of those accomplished people who doesn’t want to do only what you’ve been doing, yet you aren’t sure what you want to do next, what bigger mission is in store for you (there is one!)
  • Or even if you’ve tapped into your purpose, your Unique Genius, you still think you can’t both make a lot of money from it AND have fun and freedom in work and life at the same time (wrong!)
  • You find yourself depleted, stressed and overwhelmed by the demands of your work and the uncertainty of where you’re going (this is not the way you are meant to live.)
  • You have core values (integrity, spirituality, meaning, enjoyment, fun, giving back…) that you struggle to integrate into your work (you can.)
  • You still think that you can either do what you love and what helps others, OR make money – that combining the two is only for special people who lucked out (wrong!)

Perhaps the most frustrating is the sense that you’re just missing something – which you are…but the good news is it is possible to find it.

I know how you feel. I felt that way.  I’ve been through all of this and more in the past few years while transitioning from the stable-yet-unfulfilling-and-freedom-killing corporate life at to creating my dream business, PebbleStorm.

Here’s one more issue I faced, a doozy: do you also have more ideas than you know what do with, creating confusion about what to do next?  (Figuring out how to do them all while having fun while “working,” as much as I want and from where I want, is what led to my own breakthroughs and vision for PebbleStorm.)


I want to grab your shirt and shake you and yell WAKE UP!!

Do you really want to wake up some morning in a year or two or TEN from now, still doing what you’re doing and making what you’re making?

  • YOU are the only thing getting in your own way.
  • Not a lack of money, time, education, contacts, whatever – those are all just excuses.
  • Your vision board isn’t going to magically make it happen either.
  • You can have it all f you stop playing small and stop compromising on what you want and accept in life and work.

While not everyone is meant for big things...YOU ARE if you’re reading this and you feel it, if it resonates.

Examples Of The Power I’ve Found Through Play & Purpose

The name PebbleStorm came from my intention to create an environment of work in which I, and others, can make big impacts with small amounts of effort (“small pebble, big wave”).  Play and Purpose have been the keys to discovering my Power:

  • I created two profitable passive-income businesses ( and…in four hours each (well, took 4:15). And I spent less than $100 to do it, each. They’ve generated more than $25,000 in passive income in the past twelve months – including $6,000 in July.
  • I created and developed PebbleStorm into a $10,000-per-month attraction-based coaching, speaking and seminars business – going to $20,000 and then $50,000 per month next year – while spending less than 4 hours per week to found and launch it. (Now that it’s past the baby stage and is growing up, I can productively spend more fun time on it). And with no “selling”!
  • I’ve spent less than $100 out-of-pocket to create and launch PebbleStorm – yes, I know it’s time to redo the website 🙂
  • Without me asking, a top internet marketing guru offered to help me launch PebbleStorm, resulting in a first webinar of 1300 registrants and a sold-out first group mastermind program (a follow up one is coming in early 2010).
  • I wrote a soon-to-be-published book (“CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs“) in one weekend – Nov 22-23, 2009 – yes TWO DAYS.
  • I am designing a first-ever “PebbleStorm Immersion: Uncover, Build & Launch Your Business In 3 Days”. This will be an intimate event in January for my private coaching clients.  Even better – 1/3 of the time will be for playing, getting to know each other and building ongoing relationships!
  • Over the past three years, while doing all this, I’ve lived and traveled overseas for four months in places like Bali, Argentina, China, Japan, Brazil, India, Nepal and Bhutan.

And that is just in the first year of PebbleStorm – 2010 will be crazy!

Most of these topics will be the subjects of their own blog posts in the coming months.

Until then, come to the event and learn how it works

A New Kind Of Event With Nancy Dunn

play-purpose-power-sketchFor a couple of years, people would ask me “PebbleStorm sounds great, but what do I do? How can you help?”  This year, 2009, I’ve begun creating more ways to help people: Unique Genius Playshops, a six-month Mastermind program (a new one will begin early next year), private coaching, etc.

Now I’m doing something brand new with another PebbleStormy (yes, that is a word) entrepreneur, Nancy Dunn.

Nancy is the founder of  She’s an ex-Sony/MGM/Fox senior marketing executive who managed more than $1 billion in spend. She left that world to have a family and to discover her true purpose: to help women in leadership live a life of more time, more play, more power and more peace.  Oftentimes women in leadership have to play the corporate game to succeed, and in the process lose parts of themselves. Nancy’s truly mastered how to combine the power and action required to succeed in the business world with her feminine side and the conscious design of what she wants from life.

(Here’s how Nancy describes me: “My friend Aaron Ross, founder of, ex-Silicon Valley CEO, adventure-seeker, and general awesome guy just found a way to combine all his various passions and crazy ideas into a single, meaningful business that he loves, that helps people, and that makes money.  Now he helps other people do this too.”)  Hey, thanks Nancy 🙂

We wanted to have fun doing something together that would help the kinds of people that resonate with what we do – professionals like you who have been successful at something, yet now are looking for more meaning, enjoyment and money in work. People who want to integrate their values and spirituality and life with their work, rather than having their work and life be disconncted.

So Nancy & I put our heads together to CREATE A REALLY FUN AND POWERFUL LIVE EVENT that will:

  • Inspire you to step into the life, contribution and impact you know you came here to make.
  • Teach you secrets and practical tools from two master teachers and successful ex-corporate executives, each of whom left their corner offices behind to find their true, authentic, dynamic calling – and are having the time of their lives doing it!
  • Introduce you to a cool, community of like-minded people that will become playmates, workmates, clients and partners!  (The whole point of PebbleStorm is to expand our trusting community of people that has fun helping each other succeed.)

We are hosting a unique event called:


* We’ll Play – Because it’ll be fun and it will open up your creativity and give you more access to what will make you happier and more successful!
* We’ll show you ways to tap into finding your Purpose – What are you meant to do?  What is your Unique Genius?
* We’ll reveal 3 ways to shift into exponentially greater levels of Power – How can you make a bigger difference and make more money?

You will also connect and build support for your goals and actions within a community of like-minded conscious leaders, high-level executives, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are authentically committed to helping each other succeed.

Whether you’re ready to take the leap into a career that has deeper meaning and fulfillment, OR primed to step up into greater levels of impact, purpose, and contribution doing what you’re already doing, you won’t want to miss this AWESOME event.

You will also connect and build support for your goals and actions within a community of like-minded leaders, high-level executives, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are authentically committed to helping each other succeed.

Come PLAY with us and design 2010 into the life of your dreams!


Click here for the details and how to RSVP

So You Live Outside LA…Want Us To Host This Kind Of Event In Your City?

Leave a comment, you never know what you’ll get if you ask for it!  Especially if you live someplace fun or exotic 🙂  We’re always looking for excuses to travel and build the PebbleStorm community.

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Been wanting a taste of PebbleStorm or even just looking for some inspiration?  Join us on Wednesday for some inspiration! It’s a fun call on “Sharing Some Simple Success Stories”

I have a PebbleStorm program running with about 15 people in it. I kicked it off at the PebbleStorm Launch (“Thanks For Making The World More Of The Place I Want To Live“) back in March.

Every month I hold a private teleseminar or webinar for the current PebbleStorm group. PebbleStorm’s a safe, accepting environment for people to play and experiment and culture their Unique Genius, which usually involves them exploring interests, passions and ideas that are new and even unfamiliar with…since they’ve been suppressing them for years or decades.

An Example – My Art


For example, until last year I had no idea that art is part of my own Unique Genius, until I started playing with sketching about a year ago.  At first I was embarrassed about them (my first two hilarious first sketches…yeesh), and sharing them with accepting friends helped me develop my art talents.  No one’s more surprised than me that my sketches are many people’s favorite part of PebbleStorm…after the people in it.

Opening Up The Call This Month To: You

Many people in the group have had great breakthroughs and progress in their clarity and are seeing their present and future plans crystallize. My own plans for the future are getting more and more clear as well.

I’m opening up the monthly private Pebblestorm group call this time to share with more friends (it’s f-ree of course).   This call is for any (current or aspiring) entrepreneurs seeking:

1. More clarity for their work or life purpose, or
2. More enjoyment in their work, or
3. More inspiration!

…and of course all three eventually lead to more money 🙂

Inspiration Guaranteed

Most of the call will be PebbleStormers sharing about what’s happened for them over the past four months, their breakthroughs, successes and what has worked /not worked for them.  It will be inspiring – guaranteed.  I’m inspired every time I talk with one of them!

Download the Call Recording:

…By subscribing to upates:

Enter Your First Name:
Enter your Email:

Our “Do Unto Others” policy…by registering we can also share with you other updates and invitations, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  We also will never share or rent your information – we treat yours as we want our own treated.

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What is that special, unique combination (your twist) of talents that you enjoy practicing, are great at, and are framed in a way that is meaningful to others? What is your Unique Genius?

Come join us this Wednesday, October 29th at 6p-7p PST if:
– You’re simply curious as to what this whole crazy PebbleStorm thing is about )
– You’re searching for inspiration or meaning in work.
– You’ve worked through the Unique Genius handout, and have questions about it or would like to discuss it.
– You’ve participated in a past PebbleStorm event, and have follow up questions.

1. Introduction (15 minutes)
* What is a Unique Genius, and why is it important?  How do you uncover yours?  What do you do with it?  How can you build your dream business around it?  Also see below for a link to download a worksheet.

2. Discussion, Q&A (45 minutes)
* Interactive discussion between myself and attendees about the prior topics.
* If you have questions you’d like me to answer on the call, you can email me any ahead of time at aaron (at) pebblestorm (dot) com.
* Otherwise, feel free to just join as a listener.

Updated Unique Genius Worksheet
I updated it as of 10/21/08.  Email me for a copy at aaron at pebblestorm dot com.  You don’t need to get this prior to the call, but I’d recommend it and at least looking through it.

Conference Call Details
Date: Wednesday, October 29th
Time: 6pm PST
Dial-in: (605) 475-6006
Access Code: 366946#

If you’re new to PebbleStorm, here are two links you can explore ahead of time:
About PebbleStorm

A Pebblestorm Overview – From HUB

A regular schedule of conference calls

Two weeks ago, we had a conference call on “Discovering your dream business,” with about 10 active participants and a half dozen listeners. One of the requests that came from it was for me to create a space to continue the conversations we started, say every couple of weeks.

After the call on this coming Wednesday (29th), I will put together an ongoing schedule of future conference calls (and create a dedicated page here on PebbleStorm for the schedule of events).  For now, they’re free, and all that I ask in return is that if you attend, please tell 10-20 friends about PebbleStorm.  At some point, perhaps December, perhaps after the New Year, I’ll revisit/redesign what’s free vs. fee-based.  I’m always looking for requests of what YOU would want, so don’t be shy in sharing ideas or asking for formats/help at aaron [at] pebblestorm [dot] com.

Subscribe to PebbleStorm by email

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I was in San Francisco last week, and last Sunday my sister hosted a potluck dinner at her house, with about eight of us – including my mother 🙂  (Mom, did you enjoy it??)

Here’s an example of what makes PebbleStorm, including these kinds of events, so gratifying for me…below’s an (unsolicited!) note from Erin-Marie Driscoll, a budding entrepreneur:

“Hi Aaron!!
Thanks again for hosting the PebbleStorm event tonight. I am totally re-energized and now have a few more reserves of courage to move forward with my dreams! I really can’t thank you enough. It was great to hear from other people about their experiences, discuss the process and ideology of PebbleStorm/ entrepreneurship and to have the enthusiastic support from those in the group! This is exactly what I needed to move forward, and I am truly grateful for that.

How can you tap into your talents and enjoyments, to create something that adds this kind of value to other people?  And then create a business around it?  That’s what I’m here, through PebbleStorm, to help you do.

A Serendipity Board

September 8th, 2008

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We tried an experiment at the PebbleStorm event last week. I put up a big piece of paper on the wall, and let people write down something that they’re looking for or to share…

That’s the funny thing about serendipity – you never know how or when those interesting connections will happen (either at the event or later), but at least by putting your intentions and information out there, you’re enhancing the possibilities!

Here they are, typed up:

Aaron Ross – PebbleStorm
“Looking for people interested in helping define or starting their own ‘PebbleStorm Circle’ group”
aaron at pebblestorm dot com

Ben Chou –
“Looking for PR/buzz generators/mavens/connectors” (people who can help spread the word about his business)
pbchou at MyCosmeticSurgeryAdvisor dot org

Ray Schiel – Social Media
“Sharing info on how social media can help your business”
rayseo1 at yahoo dot com

Olivia Kuhn-Lloyd – &
“Looking for bloggers for”
olivia at intent dot com

Ryan Born – AudioMicro
“Looking for music and sound effects”

Ingrid Chen – Health & Wellness “Dream Team”
“Looking to share Life’s too short to just be making $”

Simon Dibos – Latin America
“Business in South America”
simondibos at yahoo dot com

Kim Selbert – Joy of Laughter
“People to laugh with” / kimselbert at mac dot com

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Amazing Energy

The PebbleStorm LA Open House was last night, and it was phenomenal!  (I’m biased, but it’s still true.)  We had about 25-30 people and there was just a GREAT energy in the air. I felt a lotta lotta interaction and inspiration.

I knew about 2/3 of the attendees personally, and the rest either came as guests or found PebbleStorm through the group on  I felt that everyone really was very open, friendly and interested in each other.

LA’s My Playground

The second ‘stage’ of PebbleStorm is “Play”, and Los Angeles is my playground for PebbleStorm itself – events and all. There’s an enormous creative, entrepreneurial energy here looking for more ways to be channeled and directed.  That (ok plus the fun and weather) is why I moved here! As I experiment and tune PebbleStorm tools, event formats and such, I’ll then take them to a few other main areas as well (SF Bay Area – you’re next).

Fear Gremlins

I’m not someone that holds much fear of doing or trying new things (as my friends and family know). But even I, when doing a new event format, even with a small group of people, always have those little ego/fear gremlins: Am I missing anything? Will people show up? Will the format work?  Will they enjoy it, get value from it?

Then, once the event starts, whether in person or a conference call, I get into the flow and love it, and it always works out exactly as it should. I know this from experience, and yet the gremlins are there each time I do a new one 🙂

PebbleStorm Circles

Ah, fear. Everyone experiences fear and loneliness as they start and run a business, especially if you’re a single entrepreneur or CEO without a true peer or partner in the business. One of, or the, best antidotes for this common fear and loneliness is connecting with other people going through similar journeys, people who can also help each others’ businesses. Community increases the enjoyment and makes it easier to be successful, since you have a group of people helping you out!

A fundamental part of PebbleStorm includes connecting people in supportive communities, both offline and online.  I’m still working on fleshing out the idea of a ‘do it yourself kit’ for motivated people who want to start their own “PebbleStorm Circle”, a small local group of like-minded people that would meet say, at least once a month.  (Interested in finding out more? Send me an email.)

Unique Genius

A topic we spent some time on last night was “Unique Genius”…a unique mashup of your talents, interests and enjoyments combined in a way that adds meaning to your life – usually by helping others in some way. For example, I say “helping people make money through enjoyment” is my unique genius, and PebbleStorm is the manifestation.  I’m getting closer to putting up a real blog post about it (the raw material is on the wiki: unique genius).

Another Open House Post Coming

I’ll put up another followup blog post with some more content, pictures, etc. in a few days once I digest everything and ask the group for some stories or impressions I can share here.

Digital Versions of Handouts / Contact Info

If anyone at the event missed my contact information, or would like digital versions of the handouts, you can reach me at: aaron [at] pebblestorm [dot] com

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What is PebbleStorm?
PebbleStorm is a “Roadmap to the 4-Hour Workweek” (

Do you believe it’s possible to “make money through enjoyment”? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Or do you have an idea or business already, and are looking for new ways to create it and grow it?

“Many of the folks there commented that new directions had crystallized for them after you came, so thank you SO much for the huge impact you had on all of us.” – Klia Bassing, founder of Visit Yourself At Work

Date: Wednesday, September 3rd
Time: 7p-9p

Who’s this for?
Whether you’re an aspiring or current founder, what matters is your interest is exploring how to do more of what you enjoy, more profitably. PebbleStorm is about “making money THROUGH enjoyment”, not making money and THEN enjoying it. You can enjoy the journey of starting the company and the daily work itself…in addition to the benefits of success.

Some sample blog posts
“About PebbleStorm”
“A 5th Work Option”
“The Five Stages of PebbleStorm”
“The Three Things That Block People From Making Money Through Enjoyment”

For more details and to RSVP
The evite: PebbleStorm LA Open House

aaron [at] pebblestorm [dot] com

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Here’s our first batch of PebbleStorm events that are coming up in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in any of these and would like to find out more about them (especially the Kauai retreat), or would like to get updates as they’re organized, please contact me at aaron (at) pebblestorm (dot) com.

Los Angeles: (Today), Saturday May 17th

  • PebbleStorm LA Meetup – Sat Coffee Edition
  • A small, casual meetup of aspiring or current entrepreneurs interested in making money through enjoyment, bouncing ideas off each other, finding partners, etc
  • LA Mill, 1636 Silver Lake Blvd
  • 4pm

SF Bay Area: Wednesday, May 21st

  • Braincracking Session (because it’s like braincrack)
  • Get a bunch of ADD entrepreneurs, collaborators and connectors in a room to brainstorm on their ideas and how to quickly or easily make progress on some of them (aka “braincrack” because it’s like putting your brain on crack, and totally addicting)
  • 11am-2pm @ US Venture Partners.

SF Bay Area: Thursday, May 22nd

Washington D.C: Saturday, June 12

  • I’m flying out to host an Entrepreneurs dinner with Klia Bassing
  • For current or aspiring entrepreneurs, about“blowing away your limiting beliefs in practical ways (because what’s holding you back is your own mind); fresh thinking about your business; re-energizing.”
  • 5pm
  • I’ll be in DC from June 12th-15th, exploring the city and meeting people. Let me know if you’re there and want to meet up, or if you have someone really interesting you could introduce me too!

Kauai: July 7-July 21st

  • PebbleStorm Makers Retreat
  • If you’re going to make a fun company or website with a friend, why not do it from Kauai? (I don’t have a good answer to that question…so we’re doing it)
  • This retreat is part of a design exercise on how little time and money it can take to make a company: say with a couple of weeks and less than $5000 including travel expenses. It’s also a design exercise to see how much fun you can have while making it 🙂
  • Design partner:
  • Contact me if you’re interested either in helping us, or if you have your own idea and want a place with some mental space and collaborators to make it!

To be scheduled: PebbleStorm meetups in Marin / SF Bay Area

aaron (at) pebblestorm (dot) com.

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I just created a Meetup for people in LA. It’s the best way to find out about the events, or to let people you think would benefit know about them:

PebbleStorm LA Meetup