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[Update: Predictable Revenue has been the #1 best-selling Telemarketing book on for more than a year, and was in the top 0.1% of all books on Amazon]

After years of baby steps, I’m excited to announce my latest book is out: Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of

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It’s only a buck ($1!) on Kindle, and under $10 in paperback, on Amazon:

Why I Wrote It

After spending years at helping build their sales machine, and then seeing how many companies get “the basics” wrong in sales, I realized I had to share this “how to build a sales machine” expertise with others.

I’d met so many CEOs, sales executives and salespeople who spend most of their days beating their heads against the wall because nothing seemed to be working…and I could see how simple some of the solutions would be for them, if they just knew what to do.

And I’d been one of them – a CEO of an internet company that failed – because I didn’t understand sales, and was too stubborn to ask for help or admit I didn’t know.

This is the book I wish you, and all CEOs, entrepreneurs-to-be, sales executives and salespeople would read to help take so much of the frustration and pain out of selling!  It’s unbelievable how much time and energy is wasted, especially by “experts” at both small and large companies.

From The Back Cover

“Thomas Edison discovered electricity, Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone, and Aaron Ross discovered the Enterprise Market for”   – SHELLY DAVENPORT – VP Worldwide Sales at Replicon & ex-VP Corporate Sales at

Discover the outbound sales process that, in just a few years, helped add $100 million in recurring revenue to, almost doubling their enterprise growth… with zero cold calls.

This is NOT another book about how to cold call or close deals. This is an entirely new kind of sales bible for CEOs, entrepreneurs and sales VPs to help you build a sales machine.  What does it take for your sales team to generate as many highly-qualified new leads as you want, create predictable revenue, and meet your financial goals without your constant focus and attention?

Learn Inside…

  • How an outbound sales process, without cold calls or a marketing budget, can generate a 9% response rate and millions of dollars from cold prospects.
  • The Seven Fatal Sales Mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs (even experienced ones) make time and time again.
  • How outbound sales and selling can be friendly, helpful and enjoyable.
  • How to develop self-managing sales teams, turning your employees into mini-CEOs.
  • And more…


I Would Love Your Help In Getting The Message Out

How can you help get the message out to people who are struggling so hard with sales, who don’t realize there are better and more authentic ways to do it?

You can:

  • Buy the book
  • Refer it to friends (CEOs, VP Sales, salespeople, current or aspiring entrepreneurs)
  • Review it on your blog & share it
  • Bulk orders for your sales team, for leadgen or to give as gifts to clients
  • Interview me or Marylou Tyler for your blog, radio or TV audience
  • Invite me or Marylou Tyler to speak
  • Review it on

For Bulk Orders Or Schedule An Interview

Contact us at kristine at pebblestorm dot com

To Buy The Book…



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So you’re unfulfilled or frustrated at your current work, either because it drains you or because you’re not making enough money at it.  That’s common, and a great place to be.

Why?  It’s giving you an opportunity to reflect on how to stop doing more of what does not work.

It’s giving you reasons and incentives to figure out what you really want to do for work, and how you can make money in ways that are fun and feel great.

Yet a block EVERYONE runs into when starting your own “thing” (a project, company, not-for-profit, whatever) is a desire to get people to be interested in your stuff, to “be interesting.”  It’s true both if you already have an idea you’re trying to get people to like, or you’re searching for a new idea.

Trying to ‘be interesting’ is like looking for jobs based on “who would hire me?” while ‘being interested’ is like job searching based on “where can I make the biggest difference and have the most fun, while making money?”

You won’t find fulfillment this way, by trying to “be interesting” to others.  It’s an endless search for what other people might want, hoping they like you and your work, and being disappointed when they aren’t.

How do I know?  I spent 15 years climbing the success ladder (investment banking, founding an Internet company,, Venture Capital, etc) trying to “be interesting”…and yet never truly felt fulfilled or like I was “enough.”

A hidden belief was something like “I’ll feel complete after I found a company and take it public…” (not!)

Can I offer you another path that is easier and empowering?

Rather than trying to ‘be interesting’, you need to practice ‘being interested.’  And I mean ‘be interested’, and curious in yourself, as much as in others.

Being interested in yourself looks like “What is interesting to you?  What do you enjoy? What could fulfill you?  When have you made the most money, the easiest way?”

(For more questions, download a Unique Genius Assessment here)

Being interested in others looks like: “What are some problems of people or businesses you know?  What do they want?  What is in their way?  How do they see that you can help them? What do they see are your superpowers?  What would they want you to teach them?”

Make sense?

How Can I Help You With Your Unique Genius?

Now, I’m taking my own advice here.  Rather than re-open registration for the Unique Genius Superhero Program by telling you how great and ‘interesting’ it is, I’m first asking for you to reach out to tell me what you need and what would make it ideal for you.

I created the Unique Genius Superhero Program as a curriculum to teach you and the world how to create work based on values like trust, integrity and patience, how to make money through enjoyment.

The Superhero Program is actually a complete bundle of my four best courses:

Course #1: Light Your Fire
Course #2: Discover & Declare Yourself
Course #3: Make Your First $1 Through Your Purpose and Passions
Course #4: Grow a Fulfilling Business that Can’t Fail

The goal is to create a community of 100 million people working with these values, because when you’re working with people you trust and like, work can be easy and fun!

(By the way, if you’re new here and want to get a sense of what the heck it’s about, check out the free Unique Genius Training Videos, such as “Start A Business That Can’t Fail” here)

And the best, most well-intentioned work in the world won’t make a difference if no one understands it or believes in it.  If it doesn’t ‘speak’ to people.

My work won’t matter unless I am interested in what you want from it, and how it can best serve you.

I realized that making my work interesting is not what I needed.  I needed to get interested, interested in YOU!  I needed to get interested in what makes your clock tick, lights your fire, what you need to unlock your Unique Genius …

So, I am asking YOU to write back to my assistant Kristine at kristine-at-pebblestorm-dot-com, answering any or all of these questions:

  • What’s the most frustrating part of your day?
  • What matters most to you right now?
  • Why can’t you make as much money as you want, doing what you love?
  • What do you want most from work or life?
  • What is in your way from having it?
  • What do you want to do over the next 12-24 months?
  • What’s one thing you would love to change about your work or life?
  • Are you comfortable asking for help?
  • If you’d like help in this, what would the help look like?

Or just write anything to us…

Please only write to us if you are willing to “get interested” in the Unique Genius work and Superhero Program (whether it is now or five years from now or just “someday”).

So, please email kristine-at-pebblestorm-dot-com, and tell her your answers to any of those questions (or any you want to make up), or anything else you’d like us to know or request for us to do or create.

Do you know how you get what you want?

Ask for it!

My partners, assistant and I, plus the Unique Genius mentors (past Superhero Program alumni) are listening to you.

This is a way to give you a great opportunity to ask for what you want, and so I can make the program even more effective and inspiring for us all (including me!).

Let’s get off the fence together, get interested in our passions and start something today (with a baby step!)


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Becoming more confident and decisive can make your life a lot easier, yet a lot of people still struggle with making choices (I know I have!)  We put them off until ‘later’ or ‘someday’ and we all know that means, almost, probably never.

Do I change jobs or not?  Do I start a company or not?  If so, when?  Which name do I choose?  Do I choose something NOW that I don’t love, or do I wait until a better name finds me?  Do I charge for my first event?  How much?  Do I say no to a client or partner I’m not excited about?  Do I have a live event, a teleconference or webinar?  Etc, etc, etc…

Here is the first rule of thumb (out of seven) I have in my “Decisions Determine Destiny” cheatsheet:

1. Success Requires Decisions: You will not be successful (wealthy, fulfilled, free) unless you can make decisions.

Decision-making is an ESSENTIAL life and business skill that you can develop, like learning to play a sport.  By their very nature, you will never have perfect, risk-free clarity with important decisions.  At some point you must “leap, and the net will appear”.

What process do you need to go through in order to make a decision and be at peace with it?   Some things that can help: meditation, advice, encouragement, physical activity, a deadline, incentives, reflection on how you made supportive decisions in the past, do something with a buddy.

Results and clarity come AFTER a decision is made, not before.  A “Maybe state of mind” is not a decision, and will just create anxiety and uncertainty.  “Yes” and “No” are decisions that allow you to move forward one way or the other.

You can download the 2-page cheat sheet below.

Decisions Allow Movement & Flow

Other people get stopped by thinking a decision has to be a BIG decision.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes decisions are big, but most of the time, we add more drama than need be.  Also, you can always break what seems to be a big decision down to smaller ones (in business or in life).

Take my wedding for example.  There were tons of decisions for me and my wife to make and tons to plan, people to invite, contracts to sign, design, flowers, photography, dress, you name it, but we planned the whole wedding in 2 weeks!  Being decisive let it flow together.

And I heard from more than one guest that the wedding seemed as if we had been planning for months.  Whether you take 2 years or 2 weeks, in the end, a decision is almost always the same you would have made in the first place (if you’re practiced at listening to your gut.)

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with decisions.  If you need to, break a big one down into smaller ones.  Or make a list of decisions you want to make, then start at the top.  It’s better to make one and “get it wrong”, yet move forward, than remain stuck and clogged.  Even if you make a decision and then are unhappy with it later, at least you tried something and learned from it.

Another way to help you make a decision is to stop thinking about yourself.  Think about what your wife, husband, friend, brother, sister, mom or dad would do if they were in your shoes; what would you want them to do?

It’s funny how we’ll leap for someone else, but more than often… not for ourselves.

So, now it’s your turn.  What is a decision you want to make, that’s bugging you?  Choose yes or no, left or right, start or stop.  And remember… sometimes saying no is just as powerful as saying yes.

Download The Decisions Cheat Sheet

To help you with making decisions, I created this tool:
Download My Decision-Making Cheatsheet Here

It’s important to be comfortable at making decisions.  Decisions determine destiny.

And by making them and more of them and exercising your decision-making muscle, you’ll make it stronger and build your confidence!


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I’ve received all kinds of questions about the Unique Genius Superhero Program… here is a list of 30 common ones.  Have any more?  Leave a comment at the bottom!


Q: How much time is required?

A: I would recommend at least an hour a week. It’s all recorded, so you can put down the program for awhile and come back to it anytime you want.  I include a mini-course on time management and organizational practices in the program.

Q: I have an abundance of gifts, but am not sure how to combine them and clearly brand/state/market these gifts and skills to an open and appreciative target audience.  Will the program help me do this?

A: Yes, most definitely, as you might have seen a sample of in the “5 Ways To Make Money On Purpose” Unique Genius Video on increasing your value.

Q: What if I don’t know my purpose or passions?

A: That’s what this program is for!

Q: I don’t know what I want to do.

A: That’s what this program is for!

Q: What if I don’t know what I’d be good at enough to charge money for?

A: That’s what this program is for!

Q: What if I already know my purpose?

A: Awesome – then you should have a head start on making money with it!  But – keep an open mind, because everyone always learns new stuff about their purpose and passions through this work too.

Q: I’ve tried other programs like this and nothing’s worked. How do I know it’ll work for me?

A: If you have a really important door that you want to unlock and you have a ring of keys, do you stop trying to unlock it because the first few (or dozens) of keys didn’t work? Or do you keep looking for the right key, knowing it’s out there somewhere?

Q: How do I know it’ll work for me?

A: I don’t, but I can make it as simple, doable, effective as possible (and include a 90-Day Unconditional Happiness Guarantee).  And it’s worked for all kinds of other people already, as I’ve shared examples of in the Unique Genius videos.

If you’ve succeeded at anything in your life (whether in business, school, relationships, health…any area), you have the capability to succeed at this.

Q: What if I miss part of the course?  I’m going to be traveling for a few weeks during it.

A: The course is all online, and you get LIFETIME ACCESS so you can work on it at your own pace over months or event years 🙂   Along with lifetime access is a lifetime guarantee.

You won’t miss anything if you’re gone for a few weeks.

Q: Admittedly I would love to “get rich quick” I think we all would. But over the years I have come to understand that “getting rich” is simply doing what you love. If you do what you love it is no longer work and as long as your needs are met you can hold on for the long haul and build it into the empire we desire.

A: I cheated here – no this isn’t a question…I just thought this was an insightful comment from Sean Allen 🙂

Q: How is the program delivered?

  1. The core of it is in online training videos, similar to the free Unique Genius training videos.
  2. Action guides & cheat-sheets with supplement the videos.
  3. Orientation + regular support/Q&A calls.

Do you have a payment plan option?

A: Yes, there is a 3-month payment plan option.

Q: Is this for new entrepreneurs only?  I have been in business for several years already.

A: Not all of the content is for you if you already have a business, but most of it is. For example, Rich Walker has been a software CEO for years, and loved the program (his testimonial video is on the registration page, or see it on youtube here).

If all you want to do is grow your current business and aren’t as interested in more fulfillment, check out  If more fulfillment is just or more important as the money, then Unique Genius is for you.

Q: Does the program explain for example how to start a business, or is it just around finding your purpose?

A: The course will show you (the simple ways) of how to start a business, if you don’t have one already, and to start making money with it.

Q: I can’t afford the course right now.  Will you run the course again in the future?

A: Yes, next year I’ll run the program again, though I can’t say when or if it will be the same price or more or less.  If you miss us this time, I’m not going anywhere.

Q: I’m worried about not being able to feed my family.  Is this course worth investing in?

A: Rather than this program, is there a full or part-time job you can get to create more conventional financial stability?  This isn’t a ‘hail mary’ or get rich quick program.

Q: Is there some mechanism built in the program that will hold participants accountable?

A: No.  We, for now, only  do that with people who hire us for private or group coaching.  What I do in the online Superhero courses is my best to:

  • Make the information as simple and doable as possible
  • Share it in bite-sized chunks
  • Help you create a more compelling vision for yourself and your work, to inspire you to create some better habits

Also, I will have some simple ways to encourage people to buddy up. The BEST way to create some accountability is with the buddy system.

Q: I’m someone with seemingly hundreds of interests and don’t have one real big interest or purpose, which seems to me a requirement to be successful with a program like yours. Will the program work for me?

A: First – if you really can’t focus at all because of “Shiny Object Syndrome”, you’ll have problems succeeding at anything, right? (Whether it’s my program or someone else’s).  So –

Second – you CAN most definitely find that “one thing” that underlies all your interests, as I talk about in Video #3: “7 Step Process To Discover Your Purpose”.

I have a ton of different interests, and my frustration in trying to do them all is what actually led me to create Unique Genius…so the program is most definitely designed for people like you who are tired of scattering their energy and want some RESULTS.

Q: Is the program just for people who want to start a coaching or writing business?

A: Heck no.  I categorize businesses into a few key types:

  1. Teaching (experts, training, programs, coaching, speaking, authors)
  2. Experiences (events, travel, experiential seminars)
  3. People Services (time-based consulting, healing)
  4. Online services (web-based services or products, online communities)
  5. Products (digital or physical)

A Unique Genius business can be any kind.  (Actually, a Unique Genius business, once it evolves & grows, ends up including all five pieces.)

The teaching model is USUALLY the best place to BEGIN for people, because you can make money before you spend money, it forces you to get really clear on your value, and it can lead to any other kind of business in the future….but you for sure don’t have to begin there.

Q: I don’t have extra money for start-up costs for a new business.

A: Do you have a $100 – $150?  You don’t need more than that (though it doesn’t hurt to have more of course!)  The course is designed to help people move forward in creative ways that don’t require much money (as I have done with my businesses).

Here’s a recent Wall Street Journal article with three examples of businesses that were started for less than $150: “WSJ: Start-Ups on a Shoestring”

Q: I’m concerned that If I make money from what I love, I won’t love it as much.

A valid concern…if you stay focused on bringing your passion into work but without creating a dependency on having to only make money through your passion, you can make money through your passion while still enjoying it.

Q: Can I make enough money from a Unique Genius business to replace the money I make now and more?

A: First, if you need to earn money now, I always recommend that you keep your job or do part-time consulting to create a stable financial situation while you incubate your Unique Genius business on the side, with even an hour or few hours of work a week.

You can replace and improve on your current income, though I can’t say how long it will take you – as fast as a year, or as long as several years.  It took me about three years to make more than my old corporate job.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you will do it!!

Q: I can’t compete in my line of work – how would Unique Genius help me?

A: If you feel that you can’t compete, it’s likely that you aren’t different from the competition, you aren’t unique.  One thing that makes you unique in all the world is your story, your values, your superpowers…your Unique Genius.  Get clear on that and competition will disappear.

Q: I’m worried about what people will think of my purpose and passions.  I’m hesitant to share my ideas with people, either family or coworkers.

A: This is just a phase.  AT FIRST it’s often challenging for most people to share what’s coming up for them through the Unique Genius process.  I went through this myself, worrying about what people would think, because it was SO different than anything I’d done or was known for.

I have two whole steps in the ‘7-Step Discover Your Purpose Process”, “Share & Listen” and “Accept”, that help you get through this phase as easily as possible.  Again, remember you’ll get through this phase.

Q: I have a fear that starting my own business will make me unhappy, either 1) because I fail and suffer embarrassment and ridicule or 2) because I succeed and I get trapped by a lot of unfulfilling work.

A: That’s a tough trap you’re boxed into – damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  I guess if you’re happy with what you have today, it doesn’t matter…but if you aren’t, here’s what I’d suggest.

You have to try something and experiment, or else you’ll never make progress and learn how to thread the needle of these fears.

Even if you do something and it doesn’t work out as you wish, you will at least have learned more about what works and doesn’t work for you.  You can do this without making big commitments, in baby steps.

And besides, I’ve already written the book “CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs”… I know that I (and you) can’t get trapped by work or having employees!

Q: I’m concerned that I’m going to miss a step, most specifically as it relates to any kind of licensing needed / taxes / etc…all the legal stuff.

A: Those ‘business mechanics’ are tricky if you start with a business that deals with physical products, or a store… but if you begin with an information or teaching business, you don’t have to worry about 90% of that stuff!

Q: I have a very clear picture of the life I want to live but am having a hard time breaking the limiting beliefs I have to achieve my goals.

A: Everyone has limiting beliefs – I have had them, and still do 🙂  Much of the course is actually about breaking limiting beliefs – as you may have seen in the “How To Start A Business That Can’t Fail” video.

I had a ton of limiting beliefs that held me back before I started PebbleStorm & Unique Genius.  There’s no reason you can’t break ‘em with some help from myself, the guest trainers & encouragement from other PebbleStormers.

Q: I don’t have any skills, gifts or passions that are valuable, in terms of being able to get paid for them.

A: This is what the course is for – to help you recognize the skills, gifts & passions that you have but are buried or that you don’t recognize in yourself.  This is a common and natural phase to begin at, because you take yourself for granted.  The irony with superpowers is that they’re often too natural to you (like breathing) for you to notice J

If you’re at ‘ground zero’ with no idea or confidence in your gifts, you can still unlock your Unique Genius.  It takes commitment, baby steps and patience, because part of what you’ll be doing is changing your mindset and habits.

I’ll bet though that you’ll surprise yourself at how quickly in the course you’ll get some clarity & see where to mine your value!

Having said that…being totally honest with yourself, if you are pessimistic, I would recommend that you not register for Unique Genius.

Q: I want some more personal, 1-1 help from you.  What are my options?

If you want more help than just in the Unique Genius Superhero Program, contact me through to set up a session so we can get to know each other.

Q: Is the Program more than just the worksheets, items from the blog, “package” into the modules? I realize the bonuses are different, but the true core of the Program…?  Besides the calls, are the exercises more in depth than the blog?

Yes, definitely.

More Q&A In The Comments

Enjoying this Q&A?  Check the comments below, because there are already 10+ more detailed questions and answers there.  Feel free to leave your own questions there.

To Find Out About Or Register…

Unique Genius Superhero Program Registration Page


Aaron Ross 🙂

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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have created businesses they love around their purpose.

Everyone has a purpose (or “calling”), and there are always ways to turn your purpose, any purpose, into a business you love. It’s easier to live your purpose daily when you do it for work!

Today, I’m interviewing Cath Duncan, Creator of Agile Living.  Her purpose is to help entrepreneurs and professionals to be more adaptable, resilient, motivated, confident, creative and clear in their work.

She calls it ‘agile living’ because the people she works with know how much their work affects other areas of their life – they know that life and work changes often go hand-in-hand when you’re looking to create a better quality of life for yourself.

Last year, Cath and her husband got pregnant after being married for 12 years… and after a few months, as they got incredibly excited, before she was born, they learned the baby’s heartbeat had stopped.  Also, she learned her kidney challenges could prevent her from ever naturally having a child.   She’d lose her daughter, a vision of motherhood, and her energy and inspiration.   Cath just recently started “coming back to life” after grieving for five months.  We talked in depth about these topics, and how it especially related to her as an online entrepreneur…

Here’s some of what we covered in the interview:

  • how she transitioned from being a social worker to online entrepreneur
  • how her pregnancy hurt her kidneys and put her and her daughters life at risk
  • what it was like to find out her daughter’s heartbeat at stopped
  • a big fear while grieving and slowing down in life – “im getting left behind”
  • how after 5 months of grieving and no motivation she decided she’d have to find inspiration again
  • how ALL of us are “half-baked” (works-in-progress)
  • the ridiculous and unfair comparisons we make on facebook (“compare and despair”)
  • undoing her beliefs about what it takes to be happy and successful
  • how we can heal from the most awful things

Cath also shares how the simple practice of walking became a big part of her life.

Listen To Or Download The Interview

Want to download the interview?

Click here to download…

More About Cath Duncan

About Unique Genius

There’s a process to discovering your purpose and turning it into a business. Find out the latest at

How Have You Dealt With Loss?

Please leave a comment!

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hi there,

it’s been awhile – in my mind – since i’ve written you.

i started to feel some guilt over it, as in “i need to write you again” in a blog post.

but you didn’t even realize i was ‘missing’ and hadn’t written you for awhile until i came back and told you i was missing, right?


i made up all the “i should write” guilt in my own mind.

all your guilt and “shoulds” you make up in your own mind. you create it all for yourself.

  • i should look for a new job
  • i should start a business
  • i should work more/harder
  • i should make more money
  • i should have more fun
  • i should be a better parent
  • i should write another blog post
  • etc etc etc

sometimes it is better to take action and do something (like writing a blog post).

sometimes it is better to do something “internally” to tell the ‘guilty voice’ in your head to SHUT UP… maybe literally, or by going and playing, by meditating, or whatever your own practice is to retrain your mind…such as studying and practicing patience. (patience is such an under-appreciated quality, in both life and business!)

no matter what, guilt is toxic and the more you can let go of it, the happier, fearless & more productive you’ll be.

i’ve been working for years to create a “guilt free zone” in my own life and in pebblestorm.  it’s a ‘great work’ in progress 🙂

i would love to eradicate guilt…but in the meantime, like an unwanted visitor, i’ll settle for letting it visit less frequently, and when it does pop up showing it the door faster.

speaking of which, in a couple of weeks i’m re-opening the Unique Genius Superhero Program.  the Program is actually a bundle of four courses (“Light Your Fire”, “Discover & Declare Yourself”, “Make Your First Dollar Through Your Purpose & Passsions”, and “Make As Much Money As You Want”).

so if the idea of creating work around principles like patience, baby steps, trust, fun and integrity is appealing, 1) keep an eye out, and 2) check out the training videos that are up on

you can make money through enjoyment!

in gratitude ‘n’ good stuff,


aaron ‘air’ ross

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Double Double, a guide from Cameron Herald, "Back Pocket COO"The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have created businesses they love around their purpose.

Everyone has a purpose (or “calling”), and there are always ways to turn your purpose, any purpose, into a business you love. It’s easier to live your purpose daily when you do it for work!

Cameron Herold is one of the country’s most innovative business leaders and was a leading force behind one of the most successful new business ventures of the last decade, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

He was Chief Operating Officer for nearly seven years and his innovative business leadership helped enable the company to build a presence in 46 states, 9 provinces, and 4 countries.   During his tenure, numerous MBA programs studied the company, including the prestigious program at Harvard.  He helped grow the company from $2 million to over $100 million in revenue!

One of the many things that I admire about Cameron is that he knows building a successful brand and hyper-growth business isn’t about personality or luck. It’s about having the right systems. Cameron can give you the framework and proven solutions that will accelerate your revenue, build your profitability, and help you avoid costly problems. It really IS like having a COO right in your back pocket.

Cameron’s Unique Genius is: “to lead and energize people by using quick, intuitive alternatives to build plans that reverse engineer their dreams.” ~ AWESOME!

Here’s some of what we covered in the interview:

  • how writing 20 minutes a day and making lists led him to the work he loves, his dream business
  • how clearly & specifically Cameron describes his ideal clients (awesome!)
  • a great story about how he got over being chicken and fired someone he’d needed to fire for six months (ps – his mentor gave him the advice that ‘you’ve been stealing his life from him by not firing him’)
  • why his “painted picture” visioning is so important for clients, and why he started it after learning how olympic athletes used visualizing
  • his three key areas of vision, people, and focus

Cameron and I also talk about his last chapter called “Letters To Myself”…which includes all kinds of advice to his ‘past selves’!  That section of the interview and in the book you do not want to miss.

Listen To Or Download The Interview

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More About Cameron Herold

About Unique Genius

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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have created businesses they love around their purpose.

Everyone has a purpose (or “calling”), and there are always ways to turn your purpose, any purpose, into a business you love. It’s easier to live your purpose daily when you do it for work!

Today I’m interviewing Jennifer Lee, the author of  The Right-Brain Business Plan.  She helps people really get clear about what they want in their life and their business, AND she makes what people really want happen!  Jennifer is a certified coach, writer, artist, yogini, and the founder of Artizen Coaching.  Before pursuing her own passions full-time, she spent time in the corporate world, consulting for ten years for companies such as Gap Inc., Accenture, Sony, and HP, helping leaders and organizations manage change.

Now she is on a mission to empower people to awaken their innate creativity and make a living doing what they love (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!).  I was honored to talk with one of my fellow empower-ers on how she helps people.

In the interview, Jennifer shares about:

  • how she fell in love with life coaching in 2003
  • how she reached her limit and finally made the leap out of the corporate world in 2006
  • how she integrated her art and creative side to become a source of revenue
  • how what “services” you in the corporate world might “sabotage” your passions
  • the pitfall of “compare and despair” when creating your business
  • how to engage in “income and expenses” in a fun and artistic way
  • how making a visual business plan can help you perform more effectively
  • a few easy ways to bring more creativity into your life

And… she also shares the advice she would have given herself back in 2003 ~ valuable!

Listen To Or Download The Interview

Want to download the interview?
Click here to download…

More from Jennifer Lee

About Unique Genius

There’s a process to discovering your purpose and turning it into a business. Find out the latest at

How are you making your business plan “visual”?

I did my own version of a visual, circular version of a business plan here.

Please leave a comment below!

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have you or a friend ever had an idea to start a non-profit?

i have a very serious question for you (if you still have to work for money) – WHY was it going to be non-profit rather than a for-profit business?

i’m really serious, why does it HAVE to be non-profit?

whenever someone comes up with a passionate idea about how they want to give back and make a difference, they always want to make
it non-profit! WHY?

(the hidden assumption/belief is that making money is ‘bad’, that you can’t really help people while you make money.)

did you know there are ways to take ANY non-profit idea and make it for profit, in integrity? (i’m not saying you should, just that you can.)

i’ve been thinking about this a lot since i spoke on a panel at the “Stanford Women In Business” conference yesterday, on the topics of bringing new ideas to the non-profit world.  

i recorded a couple of quick videos afterwards, about how the desire to start a non-profit is a GREAT sign you’re on track with your purpose…but you are probably thinking “non-profit” for the wrong reasons, unless you are already financially free and don’t need to make money.

there’s just as much of a lack of integrity in the non-profit world in as for-profit world.  going non-profit doesn’t give you a free pass to fulfillment or happiness, and in fact can set you back.

in this one i share some thoughts and an example of how you can take your passionate non-profit idea and do it for-profit:

YouTube Preview Image

if you can’t see the video, click here

actually, many non-profits are started out of just as much fear as much out of passion:  a fear of failure, a fear of not knowing how to start a for-profit company, a fear of being rejected if you’re charging money, or being perceived as “it’s bad to make money from doing good”.

YouTube Preview Image

if you can’t see the video, click here.

going non-profit also feels simpler at first.  people – usually unknowingly and unconsciously – avoid the hard work at first of “what is the need, who values the solution, who will pay for it?” and go straight towards “i’ll just ask people for money,” with the false assumption that other people will be excited – even if it takes some work – to give you money.

i’m curious…i’m messing with people’s dreams here.  will people appreciate these, or hate them?  leave a comment below and lemme know…

enjoy 🙂


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embrace the shit

April 11th, 2011

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in my newsletter recently, when i announced my new unique genius ebook (my best work ever), titled “You Can Make As Much Money As You Want, Doing
What You Love
,” i also mentioned that i’d be re-opening the Unique Genius Superhero Program soon.

i decided to postpone that re-opening indefinitely while i got my life in order in important ways.  that is, i am learning a lot about how i sabotage myself and my happiness in my love relationships.

in fact, about two weeks ago i thought about writing a post called “i’m a mess and exhausted”, or “embrace the shit”, or…

well, you get the idea 🙂

just because you figure out what your dream business is, and then build it, doesn’t mean life is all ponies and roses.

do you move from job to job, but are always dissatisfied?  or relationship to relationship, but none are good enough? perhaps the common theme is you, not them.

whatever challenges you have…don’t run from them – face them. conquer them now so they don’t follow you…and so doing you will find the silver lining / treasure / prize in them that will what powers your happiness and money/work.

it’s not easy.  it can be frickin’ scarey to look in the mirror and take full RESPONSIBILITY for your life and actions…

but it’s worse to live while lying to yourself and blaming other people for your own frustrations.

(yes, i have done and do that too, so i am speaking from experience.)

my great friend richard walker says, “true happiness can’t be achieved without experiencing true sadness and loss.”

you can learn the most from your failures, and feeling sadness creates the opening to feel more gratitude on the other side.

in other words, embrace the shit!

in gratitude,

aaron ross
(aka “air”)


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I have a confession: “Make money doing what you love” and “do what you love and the money will follow” never inspired me.  They just don’t feel quite, I don’t know, expansive enough.  Almost as if it’s “yeah, you can do what you love, and make just enough money to get by.”  Not good enough!

After starting six companies, spending thousands of hours of mentoring and creating, and years of refining my teachings, I’ve finally simplified my vision for what’s possible for you into a simple, easy-to-ready ebook titled “You Can Make As Much Money As You Want, Doing What You Love.” I can unabashedly say it’s the most inspiring piece of work I’ve ever written. It’s an easy read, less than 30 pages, with simple ideas.

Download It For Free

CLICK HERE to download the free ebook (no opt-in is required).

After clicking the link, the ebook should download automatically.  If it doesn’t please leave a comment below on this page and we’ll get it to you.  Please share it with your friends and also leave a comment if something in it inspires you!


Free Unique Genius Training Videos

You can find my free training videos on topics like “Two Life-Changing Questions”, “Starting A Business That Can’t Fail”, “A 7-Step Process To Discover Your Purpose”, and “5 Ways To Make More Money On Purpose” at

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There are few things as simple and inspirational as a quote.  I shared a Unique Genius-y Dr. Suess quote a couple of weeks ago (here) and my Superhero client Nate (of came back with one of his own favorite quotes that is SO PERFECT:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back — Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.  Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now.” -Goethe

Just awesome.  First comes commitment, then comes clarity.  So many aspiring entrepreneurs want clarity first before you make a commitment…but that’s not how it works 🙂   I know that all the companies I’ve started in the past began with a mental decision and commitment that “I’m going to start a company, even if I have no idea what it is yet.  The idea will come.”

An Example Of The Power Of Commitment

I asked Nate to share why he’s so inspired by the quote and he shared a personal example of how it worked for him, that I’m sure you will emphasize with…here’s his well-written take:

“To me, this quote is about setting intentions and taking action.  So many people, myself included go through the process of consume, consume, consume, but they never actually do anything.  You know…there’s no real commitment put in.  Why?  Fear…plain and simple…fear.

Speaking personally, it’s scary to put yourself out there and try something that might fail or that I don’t know will succeed.  It’s so much easier to question myself endlessly until I convince myself ‘yup, see, you can’t do that!’ or ‘nope, it won’t work, that’s a horrible business idea!’  It’s crazy, b/c I’ll come to those conclusions w/o actually trying something.

So..until you actually commit ‘f— it, I’m doing this….I’m going forward and nobody is going to stop me,’ then yes, you will hesitate and yes, you will draw back to innate, habitual patterns that have been built up over a lifetime.

Once you get over that though…well then, things start to happen.  They start to happen because you open up to allowing new things to happen.  Sure, you might open up to failure, but you also open up to succeeding and even if you ‘fail’ you’ve still learned and you can move forward from there.

It’s crazy….I work out on a pretty regular basis..or at least I thought.  At the beginning of the year I really wanted to focus on losing some weight in the belly area :).  I’ve tried in the past, but I’m not sure I fully committed.  This time I did.  I picked a program, I’ve been watching my diet and really consciously eating better and b/c of that I’ve lost 9 pounds in the last 6 weeks.  It was through the commitment and initiative that I finally achieved results.

I’m trying to take the same approach with the Unique Genius work and thinking about businesses.  In the past I’ve read material, done exercises, created a blog, wrote blog posts….but I’m not sure that was really commitment per se.  A few weeks back I actually wrote down an intention on paper.

This is exactly what I wrote:

Goal Statement:

By July 14, 2011 I will have an established and profitable business idea that has made me $1,000 on the side.  I will work 7-10 hours/week to work on and reach this goal.  The ultimate goal is to have a side business that I can scale and grow, which will allow me to leave my corporate job so I can work when I want, where I want with who I want while being fully committed to helping others.

So everything I do now is related to the above.  Is what I’m doing now helping me work toward the above?  How?  It’s helping me focus a bit better when I’ve actually set an intention and a goal.

You can follow Nate at:

What Are You Ready To Commit To?

Have you been dancing around committing to something, but are sick of not making progress?  Write it down.

By the way, I applaud Nate for taking baby steps and not committing to some wildly unlikely goal of “make a million dollars this year”.

PDA It (“Public Declaration of Action”)

What’s a really important goal for you this day, month or year?

The best way to stick to a commitment is to publicly declare it.  So if you’re bold enough and really going to do it, leave a comment here and tell people what you’re committing to!

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I love this quote from Dr. Seuss about being a Unique Genius:

“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t mind.”

Here’s my imitation Dr. Seuss addition…

“What did you want to think, do or say,
But held back from expressing today?”

And one in haiku for kicks 🙂

It’s easy to wait
“Someday I’ll do what I love”
Someday never comes

What can you do TODAY to enjoy yourself at work?  How can you earn 10 Enjoyment Points?



Coming Soon – A Free Unique Genius Ebook…

The Unique Genius ebook “You can make as much money as you want, doing what you love” is almost done…look for it in early March!

And it won’t cost a dang thing.

(Superhero & Mastermind Clients – email me if you want an early copy)

Have A Quote, Poem Or Haiku To Share?

Leave a comment below!

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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have figured out how to make money through their purpose & passions to create fulfillment and freedom.

If you read my post on my Top 5 Big Goals For The Year, you know speaking is one of them (“Get paid to speak or get invited to speak at a TED event”).  Are you interested in speaking someday, but have a fear of it?  Listen to this interview!

I’d never heard of Richard Robbins until a friend recently introduced us – and I was inspired right away.  Through his passion for speaking (which used to be a great fear), Richard’s built a sales coaching and empowerment business that’s generated $50 Million in revenue over the past 10 years. He also has control over his time and days – his days don’t control him.  I resonated with his vision, integrity and balance of business success with daily health and enjoyment.

He’s like “the future Aaron & PebbleStorm 10 years from now” in many ways, because I’m following in his footsteps and building a business with a similar model to what he’s done.

If you’re an aspiring speaker (even years out), listen to this interview.  I grill Richard on different lessons learned, tips and what works for him….

  • How Richard turned speaking from a great fear into a great passion (and how he now earns $25,000 – $200,000 per speech)
  • How he gives 60-90 minute talks despite having “a poor memory”
  • About his “Mediocrity Myth”: why success is only a price to be paid upfront, while mediocrity is a lifetime cost
  • Why he set a goal to do 50 free talks in one year (and how he got them)
  • How his free talks led to his next business
  • The greatest advice he ever received about speaking
  • About his weekly date night with his wife, and favorite times of the day in work and out of work
  • What an perfect day in Richard’s life is like (beginning with two hours reflection time and exercise)

And more, of course!

Listen To Or Download The Interview

Click here to download…

More about Richard Robbins

.About Unique Genius

There’s a process to figuring out how to make as much money as you want, doing what you want. Find out the latest at

What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Interview?

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Now that January’s over and you’re ready to throw away all your new years resolutions, here’s a very simple practice I’ve found REALLY works in getting me to where I want to go without all kind of project planning and spreadsheets.

First, here two things that don’t work for me in goal-setting or changing my habits:

  • New Years resolutions
  • Having more than 7 important goals for the year, because it scatters my energy and I can’t easily keep ’em all in my head & need to go back and review pieces of paper or spreadsheets – and I just can’t make myself do that

And the super simple exercise that does work…

Answer This Question:

“If you can only accomplish 5 things this year, what would they be?”

Do this in a thoughtful way and you will zero in on the few, most important things to focus on (whether consciously or unconsciously) for the year.  I can easily hold five big goals in my head, and having these makes it very simple to prioritize what to work on day by day.

The trick is focusing on a few SIMPLE and MEANINGFUL goals that you believe you can accomplish, even if they’re a bit scarey.  They should not be crazy, like “make a million dollars” if you’ve never made six-figures.  If you keep setting goals that you miss and take this too seriously, you train yourself to mistrust yourself.

Treat goals as happy experiments, rather than life-or-death things.  Be totally committed to what you want, but when a goal doesn’t happen, smile and learn from it as a happy experiment!

2010 Goals & Results

1. $250k revenue
2. Become a best-selling author
3. Create three signature products or events
4. Find a full marketing partner
5. Find a full assistant/apprentice

1. Result: I did $190k in revenue, less than my goal but about double 2009
2. Result: I became an author, though not best-selling – yet 🙂
3. Result: I created two, including my “Unique Genius Superhero Program” and my “Call To Adventure” 3-day retreat
4. Result: Not a full-time partner, but found a partner on my launch, Jared Krause
5. Result: Yep, Lex!

I feel like I hit about 80% of my goals, which was perfect – they should be a stretch, but not too much of a stretch and become paralyzing.

The best part – THIS IS SIMPLE!  It takes me a couple of weeks to flesh these out, but it is totally worth it.

This Coming Year’s / 2011 Goals


  1. $240k revenue (this time I want to beat it)
  2. Get paid to speak OR be invited to speak at TED
  3. PebbleStorm 2020 vision co-created with the community
  4. Publish a Unique Genius book
  5. “Aaron Life Manual” documented and I’m using it (this is a combination life vision, “Ideal Day”, core values, etc)

See how these are easy to remember?  I don’t need to check some complex excel sheet to know what is important.

Yours might be much bigger or smaller than mine – DO NOT COMPARE yourself to me.  This is about what is important to you.  A big goal for you this year might be to start a blog, learn a language or instrument, hold your first meetup, publish a first ebook – anything.  What is a big goal to you?


  1. Move to bay area
  2. Develop a Personal Success Routine
  3. Start a new project/product every 2-3 months
  4. Make $25-30K
  5. Write television pilot

With Lex having such a short list of key goals, it makes it easy for her to stay on track. AND…it makes it easy for me to support her in achieving them.

A 6-Step Process To Clarify Your “Top 5 Goals For The Year”

  1. Brainstorm: grab a blank piece of paper and take 5 minutes and list out 10 or more goals.
  2. Envision being one year out (say January 2012), looking back on the current year – what goals would be most satisfying & meaningful if accomplished?
  3. Pick out the top 5 that resonate the most with you.
  4. Write them down in a new place. Edit and play with them for a day or couple of weeks, until you feel solid with them. They should feel like a stretch but not too much of a stretch.
  5. Tell people about them! Post them where you & others can see them.
  6. Take a first step: what is one thing you can do to make progress on one goal? (And you can’t take a baby step that is too small)

See?  It’s simple.  You can do a first draft in five to ten minutes.

Is ‘Make More Money Doing What I Love’ In Your “Top 5”?

Did some version of “making money at doing what I love” come up on your Top 5?  If so, I love mentoring people on how to find your passions and turn them into an inspiring business!

If you’re committed to finding your fulfilling work and making a lot more money with it in ways that feel good, reach out and let’s see if you’re a fit for my mentoring and one of the PebbleStorm Mastermind groups.  We have groups both for 1) people who are “all-in” and fully committed, and 2) for people who are still nurturing their Unique Genius as a side-project.

To find out more, reach out:
Mentoring With Aaron

What Are Your 2011 Goals?

Please share and declare your own 2011 goals in the comments!

How I Lie To Myself

January 26th, 2011

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Sometimes I have rough moments or days and I try lying to myself, telling myself that I’m happy.  But in those moments or days, I’m not.

(It doesn’t really matter why I have those rough times, but mostly it’s because fear, uncertainty or doubt creep up on me and tackle me for a bit, before I can kick ’em to the curb.)

I don’t mean to lie to myself, I do it automatically because I feel like I should be happy ALL THE TIME, given I have a clear life purpose, an incredible business, and an inspiring fiance.

I feel guilty during times I’m not happy, like there’s something wrong with me.  Especially with all the positives in my life, shouldn’t I be happy all the time?

That’s bullshit. I don’t know where my mind picked up the idea that I (or anyone) is supposed to be happy all the time, no matter how “successful” you are.  There will ALWAYS be an ebb and flow in your life.

That’s just not real. Part of being human is having a range of emotions, including forms of fear.

In fact, it’s the challenges you’ve been through in life, the downs, that allow you to truly appreciate the ups.

If I hadn’t worked in the corporate world (including starting a business and having it fail), I wouldn’t be as grateful for my fulfilling work with my authentic Unique Genius mentoring clients.

If I hadn’t gotten married and divorced (and had many other short-term relationships), I wouldn’t be as grateful for my inspiring partner & fiance Jessica.

So be grateful for the downs – especially if you’re in one now!

Learn something from them, and inspire, educate and entertain others based on what you learned.

What past challenges can you be grateful for?

PS: those challenges are, in some way, a part of your Unique Genius, and you can authentically help yourself by sharing your story and lessons learned with others.

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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who make money through their purpose & passions. They’ve found ways to combine enjoyment, money and meaning in their work.

A tireless traveler and culinary eclectic, Rod Rotondi has used his unique experience and perspective to translate world cuisine into delicious and affordable raw, organic, and vegan offerings. Rod’s dream was to create an inclusive eatery, one so affordable and delicious that people would eat there daily and make a positive change to their lives.

Here are some of the topics we covered…

  • Why Joseph Campbell’s book “The Power Of Myths” was so influential on Rod’s life
  • What allowed Rod to create “Club Red”, a business that mashed up scuba diving, a restaurant, yoga, meditation, adventures and more…in the middle east!
  • How he lost everything in it…and why he wouldn’t change a thing about it
  • What’s so great about raw food?
  • Rod’s best suggestion for how to start eating better / raw
  • Why being afraid of your food (cooked or inorganic food) isn’t healthy either
  • How Rod’s balancing making money and fulfilling work now with his restaurant, book and products
  • A GREAT kernel of advice for those of you with kids: “When you’re working: work; when you’re with your kids: be with your kids”
  • “If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your work, go and help someone else as a next step. You’ll feel better quickly”

To learn more about Rod and his healthy and wealthy ways of living, please listen to his interview…

Listen To Or Download The Interview

Click here to download…

More about Rod Rotondi

What of these resonated with you? Let me know!

About Unique Genius

There’s a process to discovering your purpose and turning it into a business you love. Find out the latest at

What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Interview?

Please leave a comment!

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In November I spent a week at the Optimum Health Institute (“OHI”) in San Diego, a place with a mission to “serve as a change agent for humankind by improving the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of everyone we touch”, and was inspired to write about it and how I’ve persisted in improving my health practices over my life through baby step after baby step.   This is the first part of a three-part series.

Health and optimism are important to opening up to your Unique Genius – I know it’s been vital to me.  Stress and anxiety block you from finding your purpose and making plenty of money at what fulfills you.

Optimum health is more than food and nutrition, and must include exercise, mind practices (like meditation) and spiritual practices (like finding your purpose).  This series focuses on the nutrition & food parts.

I’ll be sharing about some of the biggest nutrition changes I’ve made that I still practice, and a few of the new tools I picked up at OHI that I’ll add into my routine.  I’ll also about how I ain’t no saint, and still eat junk food and am more apt to criticize myself for not being perfect with food and health than be grateful for all the progress I’ve made over the years.

Back to OHI…I heard about OHI two years ago, after my friend Carl Bressler went and came back RAVING about it, and what it did for him and his health.  I don’t remember specifically what his results were, but I remember how excited he was about the experience and his new perspective on food and health.

The week included a regimen of raw food, classes, exercise, rest, wheatgrass and- yep – colonics/enemas.  Heh!  And they go through and teach you why all of this is important to your health.

This part of the blog post isn’t about recommending OHI as a place to go (go if you want, or not, it’s definitely not for everyone), but I am recommending going outside your comfort zone to try new things and experiences in order to improve your health.

What I Personally Got From My Week At OHI

  1. I was re-energized about my health practices, and reminded how important health is to life, and how much I and others take it for granted…until it starts fading.
  2. The red and dry skin on my face cleared up
  3. My dry scalp went totally away (I believe this is because the shower water there is filtered & dechlorinated here)
  4. I learned a lot about optimum health through mind, body and spirit
  5. I met a bunch of great people
  6. I got to deliver an early version of a new Unique Genius talk: “Authenticity: The Missing Link Between Money And Fulfillment

Example Success Stories

Some people go to OHI because they have life threatening conditions like cancer. (And, by the way, OHI has some amazing stories of people’s bodies healing themselves after getting off junk food and practicing OHI’s teachings).  Others go every few months just to recharge, detox and reconnect with helpful habits.

While I was there, some people in the program shared some stories.  For example, one man (about 70 years old) said that during his stay at OHI:

  1. His blood pressure went down enough that he had to stop taking his medication for it (he had a blood pressure testing cuff with him, and measured it every day)
  2. His eyesight improved – he had bifocals, and had to put them down to read (he still needed them to see farther away)

Another woman told us she’d been coming to OHI 2-3 times per year for 30 years, and that she was 65, and had never had any plastic surgery.   She looked like she was 50 years old!

How Kirsten Schulz Is Beating Stage 4 Cancer

Here’s an extreme example of what optimum health practices can do for someone even with a life-threatening condition.

On the day I left OHI, Kirsten here shared her story of being diagnosed with cancer in February 2010, and was given a few weeks to live.  It’d already spread through several vital organs.  Kirsten didn’t go with chemotherapy or surgery, and instead chose to focus on the kinds of health practices taught at OHI, and spent months living at OHI on their detox program.  Nine months later, her cancer is in retreat.

By the way, my belief is that neither conventional doctors nor alternative practices alone have all the answers.  They can be complimentary rather than competitive, like capitalism and Buddhism.

I mean, when I found out I had skin cancer on my nose, I had the damn stuff cut out by a dermatologist surgeon.  I wasn’t going to try to heal just through nutrition and mental practices.  But that’s me.  And whatever health issue I get in the future, I’ll use a blend of eastern and western practices, rather than avoiding one or the other.

Another personal story: I had an aunt who was devout Christian Science, the “heal only through prayer not through doctors religion”.  Her belief did not change the course of her breast cancer, and she died as expected 🙁    Of course, I have a great-aunt who’s now close to 90 and has never been treated by a doctor in her life, and she’s going strong.  Go figure.

The point?  Don’t follow others’ rigid beliefs!  You need to try different things to find out what blend works for YOU.  You can’t turn off your brain and live unconsciously and expect the happiness and results you want.

(which applies too in finding and living your Unique Genius)

Finally, don’t believe what you hear – such as that “you have ___ months to live” – just because someone (either a doctor or alternative health practitioner) has a degree or certification – those people are PEOPLE and that means they make mistakes and get stuff wrong ALL THE TIME.  Do your own research, get third opinions and focus on the mental belief that you can heal.  Your mindset affects how you heal.

Now here’s Kirsten with her story:

New Practices I Learned At OHI I’m Adopting:

So I learned a TON about health and practices and OHI, and here are the few most important & practical things I’m implementing at home…

  1. “Eat while I eat”: Too often we eat while watching TV, driving, working or rushing around.  When we do this, our bodies and minds don’t really register that we’ve even eaten (and we don’t enjoy it!), leading to more overeating.
  2. Farmers Markets are #1: Shop for food as much as possible at local farmers markets and through Community Supported Agriculture (
  3. Soak & sprout seeds, beans & nuts to greatly increases the nutrients and digestibility of things like seeds and grains. (Sprouting 101)
  4. “Food Combining”: Your body has a lot of trouble digesting some types of food when you eat them at the same time, like protein (meat) and starch (potatoes), causing upset stomach, gas and low energy.  Food Combining means being aware of the types of food you eat in one meal, so they don’t fight it out in your gut. (Food Combining 101)
  5. Not eating close to bedtime: OHI recommended eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime, so that digesting doesn’t disturb your sleep.  I have a watch that can track how deeply I sleep (, and I found at OHI that I slept MUCH better if I didn’t eat for 2-3 hours before I went to sleep.

This is great stuff!

Progress, Not Perfection

Now that I’ve been home for a few weeks since OHI, I’ve been ok at implementing these – but not perfect.  It takes time to change habits, and I’m doing my best in improving my nutrition AND being kind to myself and not beating myself up when I don’t do these changes perfectly.

In fact, right after I hit “publish” I’m going to go for a long walk and get some ridiculously amazing hot chocolate at a local place here in Santa Monica called Huckleberry 🙂  Hey, I am only human!!

This is about PROGRESS, not PERFECTION – something my clients must be sick of hearing me say since that too is a fundamental lesson in making money through enjoyment through your Unique Genius 🙂

Stay tuned for part 2 –  I’ll review the major nutrition changes I’ve made over my life and share my take on raw vs cook, plants vs meat, and organic vs inorganic.

Do You Have A Story To Share?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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This is a direct excerpt from an email I wrote to my Unique Genius Superhero Program clients on Tuesday, October 12th:

Jessica Henning is my girlfriend (partner). Her best guy friend, Marc, was killed in a fatal car accident on Sunday.

Jessica was able to get to the hospital in time to see him. They both had the gift of being able to talk just before he passed. Marc was able to share with her his dying message, to paraphrase: “…all you have are the memories and experiences and love…”.

I’m tearing up again just writing this.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama and stress of life (around money, health, relationships…) – all of which is crap we create for ourselves.

I don’t have a simple answer on how to cut through the crap instantly to reconnect every day with what’s important, which is love of yourself and others (and related feelings, like fun, joy &, gratitude)…which come from awesome relationships and experiences.

I can see that everything that I’m putting into the Superhero Program is meant to help you do this, to create a life of happiness based on authentic work.

Who is someone you could email, call or write to express how much you appreciate them, have learned from them or love them?

Final Thought

Life’s too short to do work that sucks or be in a relationship that drains you.

No one else is going to save you – not your spouse, mom, coach or friend – only you can do that.  Many of you already are awesomely working on it.

Yet even if you’re one of those people that complains about your job or relationship but never does anything about it (though if you fixed it, you’d have nothing to complain about) then take responsibility for your own life and ask yourself:

  1. How did I create what I have today? (If you blame others for what you have, that’s the “victim” in you talking)
  2. What do I actually, authentically want?
  3. Commit to taking a first baby step, and then frickin’ take it!

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.

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Matt Bailey’s Follow Up Blog Post

UG Superhero Matt Bailey’s great post about this on “A World Of Inspiration”


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First Commitment, Then Clarity

August 18th, 2010

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Do you find yourself wanting the perfect answer BEFORE you make a decision or commitment?

Casey Berman is a friend in San Francisco and one of the first folks to go through my Unique Genius Process.  He’s a mergers and acquisitions advisor “by day”, and joined the Unique Genius program last year to get help in starting a business that he could enjoy and that would give him more financial & time independence (especially since he’s married with children and has limited time).   When Casey began the process, he even already had a fledgling business with his wife he was ready to work on: “ Local Spots That Cater To Tots”.

But as Casey started to explore what he could be really passionate and purposeful about, a whole new & surprising Unique Genius business popped out of him! (Which I see happens all the time.)

See, Casey went to law school, then graduated & realized along the way that practicing law just wasn’t for him. It could pay the bills, but it wasn’t fulfilling and he just didn’t want to do it.  (Though giving up those sunk costs of time and money invested in school was tough…)

When he was going through the Unique Genius Process, one day it hit him from outta nowhere: “Leave Law Behind” would help lawyers take their lives back… as he had done with his own.

And he could design Leave Law Behind to work the way he wanted, in alignment with his life, values & how he wanted to make money.

Within a few weeks, Casey not only started the business, but had made his first $2000.

(I’m twisting Casey’s arm to include, as an extra gift in the Unique Genius Superhero Program, the exact steps he used to do this, including emails used and the casual & fun event he held).

The same surprising thing happened to me. If you had asked me about three years ago (before July 2007) what I’d be doing with my life, I would never have guessed that I’d be helping people make money through enjoyment. NEVER NEVER NEVER! I would have still thought I was going to start another software company!

This process consistently creates surprising results; but results or business ideas that are obvious in hindsight.


1) Clarity, confidence & results come AFTER you make a commitment.

Before we knew knew how it was going to happen, Casey and I (and every other Unique Genius client…) committed to starting a business that aligned with our life values and would lead to sustainable financial independence, and THEN the clarity, confidence & results came.

Whether it’s in business, health or relationships…results follow commitment.

2) Some big surprises can be in store for you.

You may not want what you think you want! Stay open to the idea that there could be something totally surprising and awesome to you beyond what you think you’re going to do.

Thanks for listening, I hope you learned something of value from this 🙂