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Before I became a dad through marriage (my wife had two kids when we got married), I had plenty of fears about it – would I be a good one?  Would it energize me or exhaust me?  (Well, it does both!)   How would I work to make enough money to be comfortable, while spending plenty of quality time with my kids?   (Etc.)

Something’s working though…I and my wife are gratified by the little things.  For example, our son Valentin (age 7), in a school project, said his favorite thing to do is “Play with my dad”!

It’s funny – but not surprising looking back – how my Unique Genius and CEOFlow work prepared me to be a great father (as my tells me).

I’ve seen that parenting is an area I’ll be writing a lot more about, as well as the parallels between “successful parenting” and “successful business”.

Here’s a fun complimentary ebook for parents and kids I hope you enjoy.  If you like the digital copy but want to read or share it together with your child as a physical book, a hardback version is also available to purchase on Amazon.

Download Full Free Digital Version:  Sons Love Drawing Mutant Robot Battles With Dads

Feel free to pass it on to any parents who want a new fun & bonding activity with their kids…

I’m sure the principles would work for moms, daughters or whoever, just switch the robots for ponies and explosions for…well, you tell me!!

Have fun,


PS – What do you want to know about as a parent?  Leave a question here below as a comment…


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  1. Ty Lim Says:

    Hi Aaron,I was researching sales and marketing for my new business venture and got to read your interview here:

    I found the information to be highly intelligent and valuable. Thank you!

    From there, I stumbled on this site and happened to read about why you and your wife sleep with your child and it affirms why my wife does it. I saw a video about a research done some years ago on monkeys needing the feel of touch. I have also heard that babies die from lack of love.

    I hope every parents get to read this particular post, it is so very sad knowing a baby is feeling hopeless and they don’t know when a loving touch is coming if at all. I will share on my FB if you make it available.

    Just wanted to acknowledge you for your efforts as a family man and business man.

    Hope we have an opportunity to connect in person in some future. I will request a connection on LinkedIn, hope you accept.

    Humbly, Ty Lim

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