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Do You Know You’re Meant For More, And Have Something Valuable To Offer To People, Even If You’re Unsure Yet What It Is? Do You Want To Have More Fun While Helping People In Bigger And Better Ways?
Here Is A Process To Help You Answer The Questions “What Do I Want To Do With My Life & How Can I Live Up To My Potential?”


You want to make a difference in the world and in people’s lives…AND make more money AND enjoy life more. You know what kinds of work you DON’T like and want to do, but are unclear on what you DO want to do in a way that will make you enough money to enable you to stop doing what you don’t want to do.

  • You have a bunch of talents, passions and project ideas – but are feeling confused as to what to focus on or how to get the results you deserve. All you know is that you only want to work on your own terms.
  • You’ve been feeling for a couple of years now that what you’re doing isn’t authentic, your ‘right profession’, and it’s not even something you want to do
  • You struggle with answering the question “What do you want to do?”
  • You beat yourself up every day about not knowing what you want to do
  • You begin days setting yourself up for failure because you have a list of 100 work things you “should do” but you don’t really want to do them
  • You want to move from an attitude of “this is what I SHOULD do” to “these are the things I”m INSPIRED to do”
  • You want to know how to come up with a to-do list (whether it’s a life list or daily task list) that will get you where you need to go, and that is authentic

What’s missing is Unique Genius – Your purpose & passions translated into fulfilling work and financial independence.

Whether you’re an aspiring or current entrepreneur, going through the Unique Genius process helps you get clear on how to make your work more fulfilling, more fun and to make more money from it.

For current entrepreneurs:

  • Do you have a business that isn’t as fulfilling as you know it could or should be?
  • Have you thought about reinventing your current business or yourself within your business, but aren’t sure where to begin?
  • Do you feel like something is missing from your life and business, but aren’t sure what it is?


“AARON – FANTASTIC web cast. Thank you being so generous in providing a blueprint for finding personal & social fulfillment.” – Richard Jardin

“Thank you for a fantastic presentationI really like how you set up your model, the approach that you shared with the group and how you’ve transformed your life.” – Mike Muson (Founder,

“What a great presentation.  You made me think, question, wonder, and get excited…as I am listening to you I am thinking to myself, ‘I could do this!’– Roger Haynie

I got more out of the Unique Genius session than any other workshop or book I’ve read, ever.” – Ilana Minkoff

“Aaron is an amazing facilitator of getting to one’s Unique Genius.  He does this through asking a series of questions that really get to the heart of what makes you tick.  What may seem obvious to others isn’t always obvious to oneself.  Engaging with Aaron through this process is powerful and leaves you feeling inspired and transformed!!” Kim Santy


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8 Responses to “1. Unique Genius”

  1. Kevin McGovern Says:

    how about Chicago? This is some great stuff.

  2. Cheryl Miller Says:

    Don’t guess you’ll be coming to Kansas 🙂

    Yes, great stuff. I love the tree! And passions drawings. I love all of your drawings actually. Cheryl

  3. Kena Says:

    How about a workshop in Toronto? Sounds like it is made for me and I know a lot of people who would line up to attend!

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Andrea and @Kena,

    Toronto and Dallas would be great places to visit next year! I have a lot of friends in Toronto especially.

    Or maybe we’ll just have to have a big and fun enough event in Mexico or Hawaii to get you to come visit us 🙂


  4. jill Says:

    when is the next one? I’m in Sacramnento, CA

  5. Torbjörn Says:

    What a beautiful and human marketing message!

    Thank you!


  6. Ed Sparks Says:

    Thank You for taking your time with us today. I hope my own goal setting sessions can be an enjoyable adventure. I do have some faith in the business plan process. It requires you to realize that your competitors do not know your name. The enjoyment philosophy rules out Greed which fuels many Americans whether at the top of the food chain or simply speaking with Cal Poly Business Students. Maybe one day I can remove the stresses from the process and just enjoy life.


  7. Tammy Says:


    I have been attracting some great “luck” lately, soon after I decided that I need to work when where and how I want in 2 years.

    One of the “lucky” things that has happened is that I have found some great advice from several different people on how to make that happen, including this site and video.

    The video resonates so loudly with me that I can feel a hum in the air! Looking forward to the rest of the videos and worksheets.

    I have some fear of this power I feel – is that normal?


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