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…and it’s true whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO. True, in the past work did have to be exhausting – no one ate unless the fields were planted. But the only reason we still make work so damn hard on ourselves is our conditioning and cultural habits. We’re trained to believe that “enjoyment” and “success” are mutually exclusive. But enjoyment (channeled in the right directions) increases success.

Perhaps “work can be energizing, not exhausting” would be a better title for the “Pull management” vs “push management” systems v1.0 post…?

And yes, I understand people will immediately say “Yeah right. How?”

It can be done.

I’m personally living it today, and packaging it up to share and teach it to others. Part of the system includes collaborating with other like-minded people (hence the PebbleStorm groups and Meetups). I will continue to share more and more practical information here over the next three months, leading up to rolling out some PebbleStorm programs in early September.

Programs for people or companies at three different stages

1. Discover (“I know I’m meant for more, but I’m not sure what yet”)
2. Play (“I’m testing and playing with new business ideas/projects, but they are self-sustainable yet”)
3. Evolve (“I already have a successful business, but I want to grow it faster or reinvent it”)

UPDATED 7.1.08: Just posted about the “Five Stages

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