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I’ve been thinking about a PebbleStorm presentation that leads people through a series of questions. The objective is to walk them out of the day-to-day work mindset that traps people, to awaken them to the fact that they have amazing, untapped potential already there inside themselves…if they’re willing to discover and explore it.

1. Are you meant for more?
If you’re here on this site – the answer’s probably yes.

2. Can you achieve the independence you want, financial and otherwise, by working for others?
Unlikely.  People stay on the corporate treadmill their whole lives thinking “just a few more years…”

3. Do you believe it’s possible to make money through enjoyment?
Many people believe you can either enjoy your work OR make money.  Do you have a mental block that will hold you back from believing you can make money through enjoyment?

4. What is your unique genius?
We’re not taught in school how to find our life purpose. What do you love to do, that you have a special talent for, and that adds meaning to your life? Related to life purpose, your calling, your superpowers… Also see What Is Your Unique Genius? for suggestions on figuring it out.

5. What is your own 5th Work Option?
Your perfect, uncompromised, working life?

6. Are you thinking in “I might” or “I will” terms?
Words have power. Words can create commitment. Try saying out loud “I will own my own business.” or “I will make plenty of money through doing what I love.”

7. What’s holding you back right now?
…from taking the next step to starting your own business? Is it one of these three things?

8. What is your next babystep, your next bite-sized chunk?
The smallest step that will move you, even infinitesimally, further along the new business path. It could be as small as reserving a URL or telling your spouse that “I will start my own business.”

9. Again: are you meant for more?
Then commit to doing something about it!

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  1. April Marie Tucker Says:

    I was looking for thought provoking questions and your site was listed #2 on Google.. Great job Aaron 🙂

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