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img_4838The first five days of this 15-Day 100% Fruits & Veggies Cleanse were surprisingly easy – mostly because I and my amazing girlfriend Jessica are committed to supporting each other with the shopping, cooking and eating. It takes a lot of time to buy make all this food on your own! After the first couple days of no hunger cravings at all, I started to get a little hungrier – perhaps my body was getting used to the food shift.

How I’m Feeling: My Skin & Energy & Stuff

My girlfriend says the skin on my face is much clearer.  My body feels good –  about the same as before I began.  My energy is consistently high through the day, though I have noticed a few times when I got tired or yawned, which might be because I’m eating fewer calories.

It is partially because I’m running low on sleep the past couple of weeks, as I’m trying to do too much every day (both fun stuff and work stuff…our “Learn How To Create & Launch A Business In A Weekend Fun Immersion” is this coming Friday & weekend).


I  worked out a couple of times (weights or yoga) in the first few days of the cleanse, and after a workout I would be starving. On the fifth day, after a weights workout, I cheated a bit and made my chocolate protein smoothie, which is pretty close to the cleanse diet (cacoa, flaxseed, banana, chia seeds, water, rice protein powder).

During the cleanse, I’ll continue to exercise, but will take it easier in each workout.  I’ll wait to push myself until at least after the 100% juice portion is done.

100% Juice For Five Days

Day 6 is the first day that is 100% juice, and we stick to this all week, Monday-Friday.  Here’s an example day:

  • Morning: Green Lemonade: Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger
  • Mid morning: Celery Cucumber Parsley Apple
  • Early Afternoon: Carrot Romaine Hearts/OR Spinach (and Apple, when needed)
  • Mid Afternoon: Coconut Water, fresh if possible
  • Evening: Green Lemonade: Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger

On the first day, I’m surprised I’m not hungry or getting hunger cravings.  I’m not sure if this is because of the juicing itself, or because of the shift from eating to juicing, and in a few days my body / hunger will go back to what it was.

Juicing this much takes a LOT of time. Luckily, Jessica had a fancy-shmancy juicer already. We need about a gallon of juice per day per person – so for two people, if we did all the juicing ourselves, would be two gallons of juice per day. That would be hours of work in shopping, prep and juicing.  We just don’t have the time to do it all at home, so we’re buying about half of it fresh from the local Santa Monica co-op juice bar.

PebbleStorm “Learn How To Create & Launch A Business In A Weekend” Fun Immersion

I’m preparing this week for our upcoming PebbleStorm “Learn How To Create & Launch A Business In A Weekend” event, starting Friday (Jan 15). It’s actually two events: the first day is an open “learn how to do it”, and then for a smaller group of people, we’ll actually hold their hands in creating and launching businesses that weekend.  We still have a few open spots for the first day; the full 3-day event is sold out.

It’ll be interesting to see how the juicing affects, or doesn’t, my energy with the added work and mental load. Is this the optimal time to switch diet?  No, but when is anything ever the ‘perfect’ time?

[UPDATED] Some Questions & Answers

Q: What juicer do you use?

For this cleanse, we are using the Omega 8006.  I know nothing about juicers; it’s my girlfriend’s.  If I bought a new one for myself, I’ve heard Green Star is hard to beat.

If you’re going to buy either a blender or a juicer, I’d get a blender like a Vita-Mix or Blendtec.  I own a Vita-Mix TurboBlend 4500 (now they sell a VitaMix 5200), which I use to make my regular daily morning green smoothie (see point #10 on “My 10-Step Personal Success Routine“).  Juicing is much more labor intensive (in prep and cleanup) then just blending, so juicers often sit unused on the shelf.  I use my Vita-Mix every day.

Q: Where do you purchase your produce?

From the local, convenient grocery stores: Santa Monica Co-op, Whole Foods, and Albertsons.  We would/will purchase from farmers markets, but the timing hasn’t worked out yet.  We have been buying big batches of food at one time, and running into one big store is more convenient for long lists.

Q: Do you ever use  frozen fruit?

We aren’t using now during the current 15-day fruit and veggie cleanse, though I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I do use it frequently in my daily morning green smoothie (point #10 on “My 10-Step Personal Success Routine“).

Your Advice, Suggestions, Results, Questions?

Please leave a comment below on the post!

Coaching, Health & Making Money

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4 Responses to “Day 6 Cleanse Update; Now We’re Juicin’! [Updated with Q&A]”

  1. Shannon Leahy Says:

    I recently started a very similar cleanse. Mine involved eating solid vegetables but had no fruit juice (besides lemons). It was only 5 days long.

    By the third day I was shaking, feverish, had lost five pounds (I’m 5’7 with a 115 lb frame so five pounds is a ton of weight on me) and felt awful. I had to start introducing some protein (lentils and brown rice to start which felt amazing!).

    I’m a huge meat eater but I found that I didn’t want to eat any meat or cheese after the cleanse and I wasn’t craving caffeine or alcohol anymore. I’ve mostly cut out caffeine since and have been eating very little meat/cheese but the alcohol was too hard to give up completely. My job is so social and I found it challenging not to have a drink or two at networking events. I’ll need to keep working on this one.

    Anyway, you’re probably finished with this cleanse but good luck with any future ones. My good friend who is a naturopath recommended I take a liver support supplement and a natural laxative to help my body get through the cleanse. She suggested Psyllium Husk and Milk Thistle Dandelion to keep everything moving and to make sure I didn’t do any damage to my liver during the detox. That and fish oil. So keep that in mind for next time!

  2. Lynn Higgin Says:

    THis sounds GREAT and I have to try it!!!!!

  3. I’m (Re)Learning How To Rest | Pebblestorm Says:

    […] Day 6 Cleanse Update; Now We’re Juicin’ Posted by aaronross383 Filed in Aaron's Journey No Comments » […]

  4. Kate Harrington Says:

    Ha ha! Thank you for sharing, Aaron.

    I’m doing the same to get grounded again in Durham after my 6-week west coast adventure.
    It’s Day 5 and am feeling sooo much better. Finally kicked the chest cold, and my skin cleared up nicely, too.

    Sounds like you two are doing fabulously and have all the info you need, but let me know if you have random questions. And can’t wait to hear about the OHI experience. Off to buy some wheatgrass! 🙂

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