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In a post in May, The Power of “Why Not?”, I outlined some reasoning for “why not do some work from kauai?”  A half dozen people agreed, and here we are now 😀

It’s my first time here, and Kauai is amazingly beautiful!

For the first part of the trip, Will Jessup (founder,, Tony Wong (founder), and Patty Yun (CitrusBuyte/MBA, USC) came out.   We quickly discovered that the Grand Hyatt Kauai, on the south shore, has an excellent office area:

The view from our office (with one of my favorite books, and a key inspiration of

Initial thoughts on this kind of trip

To any of you skeptics – we really are working here in Kauai in addition to enjoying ourselves at the beach 🙂  The most valuable part of this trip isn’t the amount of work we crank out with our analytical left brains.  The value is giving ourselves some mental space to breathe, getting clear, and letting our creative right brains make those “aha!” and “why didn’t I see that sooner?” leaps of intuition. Sometimes this happens while we’re writing, hiking, driving, sometimes while sketching… but it’s the kind of thinking that happens rarely when we’re overloaded from work back home.

Great Place to Stay in Princeville

Ever want to stay at a townhouse in Princeville?  I’d recommend where we are:

More Trip Pictures

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2 Responses to “Kauai update – some thoughts and pictures from our work + play event”

  1. Ken Ross Says:

    I’m envious. I know the Hyatt, and I’m surprised you can do any work there. You neglected to mention that Princeville has a unique, world-class golf course. Anyone trying to work there can give their analytical left brains a rest and play golf.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Terrific location. I have opened and cleared out my mind there also in the past. Regards

    Louise Wannier

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