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Sketched yesterday while hanging out at the Manhattan Beach Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf…

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Your Unique Genius powers your dream business, creating the outcomes you desire. I just put some examples in 🙂

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8 Responses to “The PebbleStorm “Sun” visualization”

  1. Denise Heyse Says:

    this is great Aaron- thanks for the image – so much info yet easy to understand.

  2. Jacqueline Simone Says:

    Thank you, Aaron, for sharing
    your passion/genius for growth/creativity!

    Great image/text to pull in
    to my day as I begin it!

    ( is in the works)

  3. Olivia Kuhn-Lloyd Says:

    This is a beautiful image and a beautiful and uplifting state of mind. Thanks, Aaron. Looking forward to hearing/seeing what comes out of your silent meditation retreat.

  4. Scott Krajca Says:

    Here comes the sun… do do do dooo… Great graphics, Aaron! Looking forward to hearing about your meditation retreat!

  5. Yanik Silver Says:

    Great picture. I love it – really, really cool (errr…should I say ‘hot’ since it’s a sun) 😉

    Nice spot to do the pic from – I know it well and with temperatures dropping on the East Coast – it’s even better.


  6. Lynn Higgin Says:

    Love this! I remember a few years ago drawing something similar on a napkin at Starbucks-I wish I still had that napkin, but looking at this revitalizes me all over again! Thank you!

  7. Elaine Springer Says:

    Only in California is this possible (-:.

    Seroiusly, Aaron – it is a beautiful image.

    May we hold it dearly so that is manifests for us all.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  8. A lifetime happiness and focus enhancer: Vipassana meditation « PebbleStorm Says:

    […] in pen now, I’ll have to play with it before I’m ready to post it here.  First a Sun, now a tree…I sense a trend here in using natural images in addition to my […]

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