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Lowell Winer (a very cool guy starting a very interesting happiness-related tech company) and I were talking about going someplace adventurous to work from for a couple of weeks, as some of us did last year in Kauai:

img_1431More Kauai pictures on Facebook

We threw around some ideas. and I think the middle east came up at #1 (Israel, Turkey, Egypt).  Here were some others…

  • Kauai/Hawaii 
  • Buenos Aires
  • Bali
  • Spain (especially Seville, Barcenlona, the beaches)
  • Vancouver (I’ve heard it’s great, but I’ve never been)
  • Madagascar (this would just be adventure, not work…I still want to go!)
  • Where else would be fun to combine work and adventure?

Even though I’ve been to places like Buenos Aires (Pix from my 5 weeks there Dec-Jan 09), Spain and Bali (some pix), those were alone, without people who also intended to work, as we did in Kauai.   By the way, another reason I want people to make money through enjoyment is so that I can have more traveling and adventure partners 🙂

I tweeted out a note (which automatically is copied into my Facebook status) with the middle east idea, and got back a bunch of responses from people who loved Turkey…



Where would YOU want to go? (Comment below!)

Who wants to come when we figure it out?


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4 Responses to “Your Work + Adventure Suggestions?”

  1. Tim Says:


    Hawaii for Surf
    France for Le Tour (I am off there in 7 days!! -> see www above for twitter/blog)
    Kashmir to go snowboarding in Gulmarg in the Himalayas


  2. peter murphy Says:

    I am spending the summer on the south coast of Spain. Great weather and a cool breeze by the beach. I´d avoid cities in the interior unless you´d enjoy 46C for the next couple of months!

  3. Erol Says:

    I’m half Turkish and have been wanting to go to Turkey soon. Never been. Sounds like a plan!

    aaronross383 Reply:

    Erol, we’d love to have you along my man!

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