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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who make money through their purpose & passions. They’ve found ways to combine enjoyment, money and meaning in their work.

Looking for some blunt talk about purpose + money + some swear words?  Gotta say this was a fun interview 🙂

Clay Collins founded “Project Mojave”, a business that teaches people how to use internet marketing to make more money. Clay’s Unique Genius is “helping people sell more sh__”.  (In loving &  authentic ways. Truly.  Check out the interview.)

Here are some of the topics we covered…

  • How Clay moved from working on card catalogs at the library to internet marketing
  • Why Clay would help people sell stuff if even if he didn’t make money at it
  • Why Clay can only get one thing done per day (not two), and why this works so well
  • Clay’s take on purpose, and why you shouldn’t care

Clay’s a good dude. Young too – he’s a precocious one.

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More about Clay Collins

What of these resonated with you? Let me know!

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4 Responses to “Unique Genius Superhero Interview: Clay Collins, A Marketing Coach Of Mine”

  1. Gail Says:

    What I liked about the interview is that it captured my attention and compelled me to listen to get to know and understand the speaker(s), particularly Clay Collins as he was the guest subject.
    That’s partly because I’m interested in internet marketing and business and I’m usually eager to listen to people who are thriving in that medium. On the other hand, Mr. Collins gives of himself and makes you want to listen…Purpose Driven..apt description.
    For me, the conversation sort of wandered into all sorts of territory and that’s fine, but toward the end I feel I was kind of left out there somewhere wondering what his views on making money were exactly. Clearly he likes what he is doing but for clarification…
    1. Was he saying that he was building long term equity with his business? Or was he just saying that the long-term model was being achieved and that it had the most promise?
    2. Does he teach people to do things his way to succeed or set them up with systems, strategies and tools? Or does he actually handle the marketing for other people in business?
    Guess I’ll have to visit his site.
    I think what I’ll take away from this interview is that Clay is finding his purpose by what he is doing and in that way he’s an example.
    What I found noteworthy and intend to remember is to look for where people have the greatest need such as making a living or having health, etc. and see how I relate to that in terms of my goals.

    aaronross383 Reply:

    Clay doesn’t do the marketing for you, but teaches you tools, strategies & techniques, and will coach you through it.

    Glad you enjoyed the interview so much!


  2. Kathryn Keesee Says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I just want you to know you are providing an excellent service. Giving novices in the internet space like me- interviews with folks who really are changing things for the better are incredibly valuable. By the way, I first “met” Brian Johnson of PhilosophersNotes through you and it has been mind altering and life changing! SO I am grateful to say the least-
    Thanks for the interview with Clay Collins. This interview resonated as a marketer focused on helping entrepreneurs do their thing. I just didn’t have all the tools until now! Thanks again. Suggestion. Make it easier for listeners like me to help spread the word about this interview! Where’s your like button ie social media dashboard?

    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Kathryn Keesee,

    Ooh – great suggestion Kathryn…and I’ve been slacking on that. I’ll get one in 🙂


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