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Here’s a little video update on my skin cancer – it’s all gone, and now I’m going to have a cool scar.   And more importantly for you – think I’m always all perfectly calm and zen?  Nope!  I can get plenty frustrated, as this video shows 🙂  I was thinking about this this morning, and just had to get out of my car at the airport to shoot this…

This Is Your Call To Adventure…

Questions?  Since the event’s coming up fast, email me directly… aaron at pebblestorm dot com.

Need A Baby Step Suggestion?

Can’t come to retreat, but want to take a baby step?  Here are two other suggestions:

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13 Responses to “Video: A Friday Frustration & Skin Cancer Update”

  1. Mike Muson Says:

    Great little video Aaron! The “naked to the world” comment is definitely something I’ve experienced for the first time and can relate. I’ve found the best way to deal with that is to simply keep moving forward. The more positive things I do to get my vision noticed and make it more real and out there to the world, the less naked I feel when I’m presenting it to a new person. Simple but powerful. Have a great weekend!

  2. Frankie Says:

    Aaron this was great. Very “raw” and “real”. I resonate so much with the “naked confidence” concept. Your wisdom and advice has been so valuable to my business and me as a person. I feel as my company grows, I’m growing as a person with it. You are partially to thank for that!

  3. George Kao Says:

    Aaron, great video; love the authentic call.

  4. Jody Lewis Says:

    Hey Aaron, Loved this video (including the scar ;). When you described ‘Naked Confidence’, it really resonated with me. I’ve gone from ‘Hi, I’m Jody, Head of [really sexy job title] at [totally impressive firm]’ to ‘hi, I’m Jody, I’m offering my gift, and I’m here to serve you.’ The rewarding thing is that people’s responses have gone from ‘Oh cool’ before, to ‘god I need that’ now. And so I get to work only with folks who are the just right fit, who freakin’ skyrocket into the stratosphere of their own quantum transformation… instead of wasting time (mine & theirs!) working with folks who aren’t quite ready to take off. Saves me a lot of frustration & ends up bringing me raving fans ;). So psyched for the folks who are ready to skyrocket into Your Call To Adventure. Have a blast (ha ha)

    Renae Reply:

    @Jody Lewis,

    That’s great Judy!! The more I offer the more I find people saying that’s exactly what they need right at that moment. Keep sharing your love and gifts!

  5. Maggie Says:

    Hey Aaron, you are right, it will be a cool pirate scar in time:)
    Naked self confidence is the hardest roadblock for me. To go in a new(ish) direction and have myself and my new work being judged is seriously scary. And I’ve been putting it off for years!

    So now the time has come…. taking a baby step and going outside my comfort zone today! You are right, in the end no one else can do it for you.

    Hope you have a brilliant ‘Call to Adventure’ next weekend & the lucky people who can get to that!

  6. JASMIN Says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Wish I could tell you how to deal with this frustration but despite the fact that it’s one that I come across so often, I still don’t know what to do about it.

    So many people have great ideas, but it’s that fear of “standing naked” that often stops them from acting.

    When I meet people like that, I try to remind myself that everyone has their own journey and that I can’t interfere with it. You can encourage, advise and give tools, but as you said, you can’t do it for them.

    The two main problems in this situaion are fear and not believing that you can have what you want/giving yourself permission to dream big. If there was a way to get over those two things, then the action part would be a no-brainer….

    So how do we do that…..?

    Nose looks great by the way. 🙂


  7. Larry E. Taylor Says:

    Hi Aaron (…and everyone else sharing this journey).

    I appreciated this video, Aaron. There is no doubt that ‘the message’ applies to several, but I wanted to let you know that although my wife and I are overwhelmed with closing down her business and us relocating to begin our new chpater… it has been your style in presenting material and the promise that ALL materials (in their current state and future refined state) would always be available to all of us who have partnered with you for insight and direction.

    I have missed a couple of calls and need to catch up on a couple of posted videos, but I must address certain priorities with my few clients that are currently paying the bills.

    Keep up your good work.

    I noticed that as part of your involvement with affiliations, you have provided a platform for business partners to promote ‘their’ product(s) and service(s). I may get involved with perhaps one of them after I think about what they are offering… but for now, I am focusing, as time allows, on you and your material.

    One thing that has become apparent, for me, is that I have been so consumed with trying to help my few clients… that I have completed ignored my very own website. It amounts to merely a ‘placeholder’ and I have MUCH more skill to produce much more impressive and informative and compelling content.

    I definitely need to make some slight adjustments to my priorities.

    Thanks Much!!!

    Larry E. Taylor
    Taylor Systems and Software Design

  8. Renae Says:

    Thanks Aaron,

    I resonate so much with the frustration of seeing what people need, but them not being ready to take action.

    It is a great gift to have that level of awareness. I am grateful to have reached this state through a dedicated practice of mind-body-spirit transformation. Congratulations to you in achieving the same. Remember to just keep sharing your knowledge and experience and when it’s meant to stick to that one person it will. In the meantime your message is making a difference for more people than you realize.

    Love & Light,

  9. Carolyn Ryden Says:

    Hi Aaron –

    I love how immediate that was – how you were feeling frustrated, and you got out of your car, and made a video. Thank you. I heard you. I am frustrated that I have my kids the weekend of your retreat. But I was letting it go, thinking that for whatever reason, that’s not meant to be, for me.

    I want to take action. I want to take a baby step. I am having trouble coming up with what that is. I want to help people heal, I want to help people become their Authentic Selves, I want to help people head towards the Light. I don’t know how to do that; and I don’t how to START doing that. And I am quite scared, to talk to people about it. But I’m working on it. I know it’s my responsibility. I take it – the responsibility. I own it!



    Renae Reply:

    @Carolyn Ryden,

    Hi Carolyn,

    Sharing your personal story of how you have started to heal and become your Authentic Self is a very easy and powerful way to begin. Have lunch or coffee with a close friend and share an experince or breakthrough you’ve had.

    Your own blog is also a great way to share your story. You can use it as a personal journal and it is up to you if you make it visible or know to other people or you keep it to yourself.

    My random blog postings coupled with a lot of personal journal work have helped me get clear on how I can help people to tap into their authentic self. Now I’ve just got to work out the details… always the details!! Feel free to read my blog and see if you get any inspiration for a baby step.

    And just thinking about what the next step might be is a baby step in my book… you’ll get there!

  10. Honour Says:

    Hi Aaron,
    The face looks good! How long has it been since the op – is it a month yet? I’d bet that the scar will be invisible in no time!
    I was scared to actually DO something about my vision, then I threw a rock; set the date at 10/10/10. Then the theme: “Teach the homeless how to build (their own places out of Papercrete)”. Then wondering how to reach out to find who to invite to a brainstorming session, as my first baby-step.
    Then total fear set in just at the thought of that NANO baby-step. But next day, two people crossed my path who spontaneously agreed to come along on the 10th (in 10 hours time here in Australia).
    Thanks Aaron. Throw-a-rock has pushed me through from “I’m gunna blah blah blah” – just talking about it (which is safe)- to actually doing it. Seeing as I can’t get to your call to adventure :[ , this is going to be mine! :]

  11. Michael Olson Says:


    Glad to hear the healing is going well. It looked almost unnoticable already in the video.

    I just wanted to share with you (and others) a great audio course on ‘questions of value’ given by Prof. Patrick Grim of State University of New York at Stony Brook. It is offered through The Teaching Company.

    In short, I found that it was great to be reminded of the foundations of ethics, values, and the definitions of what it takes to lead a good life – as viewed by various philosophers over the last couple of millenia. I’ve now started by second ‘listen’ of this course since I found it valuable to me to revisit this foundation.

    For those interested, a brief of the course is found at (fyi: wait for the 60-70% off sales that occur regularly and order mp3 download for the least expense.)

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