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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have created businesses they love around their purpose.

Everyone has a purpose (or “calling”), and there are always ways to turn your purpose, any purpose, into a business you love. It’s easier to live your purpose daily when you do it for work!

Chip Conley is the founder & CEO of Joie de Vivre, the largest boutique hotel group in California. He’s also the bestselling author of “Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow”.  His latest book, just released, is titled Emotional Equations.

One of the many things that I admire about Chip Conley is how he created a corporate culture of success at Joie de Vivre by focusing on his employees, and helping them find their own meaning at work. Chip believes that the success of a company depends highly on the emotional well being of the employees.

A Quick Video Introduction

And In The Full Audio Interview…

…which you can listen to or download below, here’s some points we covered:

  • sometimes the skills you learn during the hardest times in life are there to serve you later
  • the “trappings” of success can be just that – a trap
  • why labeling your emotions is so powerful
  • anxiety = uncertainty x powerlessness (and his great “anxiety balance sheet” technique)
  • if you created a pie chart of your self-esteem and confidence, how much would come from non-work areas of your life?
  • does this question scare you, like it did Chip: “do you know what it feels like to just sit still for ten minutes doing nothing?”
  • are you using work as a drug?  running from your family, numbing yourself to life, or searching for approval?
  • if you’re a depressed CEO, how do you inspire your employees while remaining authentic and not fake?

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One Response to “Unique Genius Superhero Interview: Chip Conley, Author of Emotional Equations”

  1. Maria Ross Says:

    Great interview! I have to check out Chip’s books, as I love the JDV hotel chain.

    My face parts: The awesome question you asked about how a depressed CEO can still inspire his employees. “Being self-aware is the first step to being authentic.” Great leaders help people see what needs to be seen.

    Too often people confuse authenticity with 100% transparency. Not true. It’s about being honest, owning up to mistakes and also being able to paint a realistic and inspirational vision of the future.

    Loved it!

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