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GregSpeaking1The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who have created businesses they love around their purpose.

Everyone has a purpose (or “calling”), and there are always ways to turn your purpose, any purpose, into a business you love. It’s easier to live your purpose daily when it’s a part of your work.

Greg Gardner is a musician, composer, father/husband, and works at the Sales Performance Office at IBM as a Sr. Sales Performance Coach.  He loves helping salespeople perform better thus leading a better life.  He also believes in helping IBM create a Smarter Planet.  Whether it be music, sales, martial arts, technology, parenting… he is a lifelong student of how people and organizations perform.

Here’s some of what we covered in the interview:

  • What Greg did when he was “losing altitude” in enterprise sales
  • How Greg turned quitting during the recession into the best thing he ever did
  • Greg shares about his ideas on ‘selling authentic”
  • How Greg chose between getting a job or starting a business of his own
  • How drawing a picture changed Greg’s life
  • Why he pinches himself every morning when he wakes up to make sure it’s not a dream
  • How Greg has been able to choose where and when he wants to travel
  • Greg shares his mindset of “how you’re ultimately working for yourself” has helped
  • Greg realized that being authentic doesn’t always mean you ‘have to’ own a business
  • How alignment with the people you work with is key to personal and professional growth
  • The three options everyone has in every situation: accept it, change it or get out
  • What it takes to trust your instincts
  • Why getting help from others is so important
  • Why authenticity leads to attracting the kind of people you want to work with
  • Why this picture was important:


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