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Galina Belyaeva recently interviewed us from Guangzhao, China (where she lives).  Small world – we’re traveling there in a couple of weeks as part of our process to adopt our new 4-year old son Maverick!

[Galina] Today I’m interviewing not one but 2 entrepreneurs who are even married.   Aaron and Jessica Ross.  Aaron is the author of the best -seller predictable revenue and Jessica works on Bond Girl Boot camp for ladies and the spy girl high for teenage girls.

We also have guest appearances of the baby, a nanny, a dog and a cat…

Click here to see the interview

Galina Belyaeva freelancing minority women


One Response to “Interview By Galina Belyaeva of Freelancing Minority Women: “2 entrepreneurs in the house””

  1. Galina Says:

    Hi guys! It was really great having you! Thanks again for
    sharing your thoughts on entrepreneurship and life! I realized I
    had other questions for you I didn’t ask. Like this one: Is there
    enough incentive to start an ethical business and what can we do to
    make it more rewarding for Startups?

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