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The Unique Genius Superheroes Interview Series is about ordinary people who make money through their purpose & passions. They’ve found ways to combine enjoyment, money and meaning in their work.

A tireless traveler and culinary eclectic, Rod Rotondi has used his unique experience and perspective to translate world cuisine into delicious and affordable raw, organic, and vegan offerings. Rod’s dream was to create an inclusive eatery, one so affordable and delicious that people would eat there daily and make a positive change to their lives.

Here are some of the topics we covered…

  • Why Joseph Campbell’s book “The Power Of Myths” was so influential on Rod’s life
  • What allowed Rod to create “Club Red”, a business that mashed up scuba diving, a restaurant, yoga, meditation, adventures and more…in the middle east!
  • How he lost everything in it…and why he wouldn’t change a thing about it
  • What’s so great about raw food?
  • Rod’s best suggestion for how to start eating better / raw
  • Why being afraid of your food (cooked or inorganic food) isn’t healthy either
  • How Rod’s balancing making money and fulfilling work now with his restaurant, book and products
  • A GREAT kernel of advice for those of you with kids: “When you’re working: work; when you’re with your kids: be with your kids”
  • “If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your work, go and help someone else as a next step. You’ll feel better quickly”

To learn more about Rod and his healthy and wealthy ways of living, please listen to his interview…

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