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The Way We Work Stinks!

PebbleStorm is helping 100 million people make money through enjoyment, by starting or working at businesses that are fulfilling and freeing, and creating a community of like-minded people based on values like integrity, authenticity and meaning.

Are you one of those accomplished people who doesn’t want to do what you’ve been doing, but isn’t sure what you want to do next?  Who is dissatisfied with your work and money, and know you “meant for more” – to do something bigger with your work and life?

Do you have more ideas than you know what do with, creating confusion about what to do next?

I was just like you, and found a way to combine all my passions into a single, meaningful business that I love, that helps people, and that makes money.  Now I’m helping other people do this as well, and want to help you have fun finding your purpose and turning it into a business you love.

ps-circlesI’m a serial entrepreneur (a half dozen companies) and a corporate refugee…I spent 13 years in finance, software and venture capital.  I had my share of “messes” and successes.  I founded an award-winning internet company (, raising $5 million, and then managed it to failure.  I created a sales process and team at that helped them add $100 million in revenues, and yet found the higher in the company I went, the more drama I encountered and the less happy I felt.

In 2007, while at a venture capital firm, I realized that while I “could be” or “should be” successful in the corporate world in starting another software company, I just didn’t want to do it. It didn’t feel meaningful or fulfilling to me.

In fact, I’d been working in technology and finance so long that I had no idea about what I really wanted to do with my life.  This was a huge breakthrough for me!  I’d been so far in the “Silicon Valley” box that I had no idea that it was a box…

I started all over with a blank piece of paper, and wrote out as much as I could about my dream work, including the phrases:

  • How can I make the biggest impact with the least effort? (And with the most happiness?)
  • “Small pebble = least effort, big wave = biggest impact”
  • I want to work on what I want, when I want, with whom I want, and make plenty of money at it.

This was the first “pebble” that led me to create PebbleStorm and the Unique Genius work.

The name PebbleStorm came from my intention to create an environment of work in which I, and others, can make big impacts with small amounts of effort (”small pebble, big wave”).

Now, here is what I know and stand for: “Making Money Through Enjoyment” is possible for you, whether you’re independent, an employee or a CEO:

  1. You can make as much money as you authentically want.
  2. You can align your work with your life values and passions.
  3. Your work can fulfill you and make a difference.
  4. You can feel powerful, valuable and capable of making an impact.
  5. You can have the peace of mind & freedom that comes with having all the support you want from people that you trust and respect.
Check out my free ebook, You Can Make As Much Money As You Want, Doing What You Love

PebbleStorm Is A Trusting Community Of Like-Minded People That Helps Each Other Succeed

It Starts With Your Purpose

5-stages-of-pebblestorm-new-small-sketch“What do you want to do with your life?  What are you meant to do with your life?” There is a process that can answer this question.

Going back to my story, in addition to my work “messes and successes” I’ve also had my share of personal successes and challenges, including getting married and divorced, putting myself into a coma in a triathlon from sheer stubbornness and completing an Ironman triathlon. And while I’ve almost always had lots of friends, I’ve also had persistent feelings of loneliness, from feeling like I can’t find people with the same core values I have: “doesn’t anyone ‘get’ me?”

What I’ve learned since starting PebbleStorm is that living my purpose as my authentic self (the foundation of “making money through enjoyment”) involves every part of my life: past, present and future.  So my personal experiences are just as relevant to my work as my professional experiences.

Getting clear on your purpose will literally help you attract your dream business, your ideal work.  For me, that meant a business in which I could have fun with work, make plenty of money, and allow myself the freedom to work on what I want, when I want, with whom I want, from where I want.

(You can see the launch slides and webinar in the blog post “Thanks for making the world more of the place I want to live”.)

You know that you have more potential than you’re living up to today (join the club!) You might be a stay-at-home mom who’s graduating her kids, or an A-D-D entrepreneur with more ideas than time. It might be from a lack of direction or purpose for your energy, or maybe because you have too many ideas and feel like there’s never enough time, money or resources to work on them all. Regardless, you feel like you’re meant for more.

PebbleStorm helps you unlock your full potential so you can realize all of your purpose, ideas and intentions. It’s a set of concepts and fresh look at how to create and grow a business in ways that use enjoyment to create growth and profitability. Even better, it’s about how to create a virtuous circle of “enjoyment that increases profitability, and profitability that increases enjoyment”.

Commit to creating a work/life-style of more fun, more freedom and more money for yourself – your perfect working world 🙂 We can take the “work” out of work! How? By making money through enjoyment, in a systematic way that makes it easier and more fun to create our dream business(es) that combine our favorite passions, add meaning to our lives, and are financially successful.

Dream Big, Take Babysteps

If you could do anything, mashing your passions and enjoyments into a business, what would that be?  What difference would it make to people or the world?  Dream big!

Then, rather than leaping into it, take babysteps towards clarifying and creating it. Act small. Do something tangible, no matter how small, at least once per month to make it more real, such as meeting with like-minded friends to discuss your ideas.  Little things make big things happen.

Be patient, be persistent, and ignore get-rich-quick schemes that will just distract you.  It usually takes people at least two to three years to build a stable business, so make sure you enjoy the ride and do not quit your dayjob if you need the income!

Questions To Get You Thinking

* Do you feel like you’re here to do more, to make a bigger difference? But you’re not sure what yet? Or you have a new business idea that you’re passionate about, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Or you have 10 new business ideas, and feel frustrated at not being able to tackle them all at once?

* If you wiped the career slate clean and started with a blank sheet of paper, what would your dream business be’? What would it look like if you got to combine everything you love the most about work and purpose all rolled into one?

* What’s your “Unique Genius”? Your life purpose is to help others by sharing your authentic self – but what does that mean?  What is the combination of the things you love to do and are naturally talented at…done for others or the world in ways that add meaning to your life?

So You Want Freedom?  What Are You Doing About It?

You will never obtain independence by working for someone else – only by working for yourself and with trusted collaborators.

It can be difficult without a teacher, guidebook or support.

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Jealously guard your enjoyment!

Aaron Ross


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About Aaron Ross

I think you should have more fun with work, not just because it’ll make you more successful, but also just because you can!  Often what gets in the way of people making real money is their obsession with making money.  OK, here’s the bio…

Aaron Ross is the founder of PebbleStorm, which is helping 100 million people “make money through enjoyment” by combining happiness and money.

It’s hard to enjoy work if your revenue is erratic.  Aaron is the author of the bestselling book Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine WIth The $100 Million Best Practices of  He is the cofounder of Predictable Revenue, Inc., which helps companies multiply sales.

Aaron also is the author of CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs, which helps leaders free up their time and energy by turning their employees into mini-CEOs that help them run the business like high-level executives.

Aaron Ross’ Unique Genius work ( shows people how to discover your purpose & passions and turn them into a successful business that can’t fail.  His free ebook You Can Make As Much Money As You Want, Doing What You Love is at

Before PebbleStorm, Aaron Ross was an EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) at Alloy Ventures, a $1 billion venture capital firm. Prior to Alloy, at Aaron created a revolutionary Cold Calling 2.0 inside sales process and team that helped increase’s revenues by $100 million.  Aaron was CEO of LeaseExchange (now, an online equipment leasing marketplace. As an entrepreneur, he has been in Time, Businessweek and The Red Herring. Aaron graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering.

Aaron is also the cofounder of DataSalad (“Fresh B2B Marketing Data”), and on the advisory boards of a dozen technology companies.  He is an Ironman triathlete, graduate of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School and an avid motorcycle rider.


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  1. Nico Says:


  2. David Says:

    Love your blog!

  3. Aaron Says:

    Your blog is motivating. We need like-minded people to make dreams reality!

  4. Lyndsey Says:

    Great stuff.

  5. Chile Says:

    Your facebook link points to linked in… I don’t know if you’re aware of that. :0)
    thanks for the great motivation! *sun*

  6. Lawrence Says:

    Very timely stuff!

  7. Marvel Moore Says:

    Pleased to meet you! Let’s have an enjoyable cup of coffee!

  8. Allyson Says:

    Love the info. Help me find an Acroyoga, Contact Improvisation Dancer Partner to perform with 🙂 Looking for a regular guy who loves it not a “pro” Ally.

  9. Isaac Felske Says:

    I just wanted to give you a quick “heads up” on this incredible new “traffic getting software” (released March 29th 2010) called Miracle Traffic Bot … You may have already head the BUZZ in the market about this cutting edge software tool… THE TIME IS NOW… If you didn’t get your copy of this software yet, this is the time to do so…

  10. Cort long Says:

    Hey Aaron.
    This is just a message to say keep it up man. I love what your doin and you remind memos a good friend of mine who’s gonna help alot of people. So keep it up man. You got a noble cause and that’s something alot of u’s don’t have haha. So keep on truckin my man

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  12. Roger Hurst Says:


    I just read your article in a Marketo publication. You talked about Cold Calling 2.0 and Build a Sales Machine. Do you have this information in book form?


    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Roger Hurst,

    Check out I’ll also email you a link to the book draft…


  13. Todd Says:


    I just listened to your Focus roundtable and would love to get ahold of a copy of your book. How would I be able to do that? Thanks, I really appreciate it.



    aaronross383 Reply:

    @Todd, go to subscribe to both get the first part and my email, and then email me for the full draft.

  14. Jamie Daves Says:

    Has been a long time man. From SF back in the day when I was doing Current TV and Full Circle Fund… Randomly came across pebblestorm and love what you are doing.

    I’m in NYC. Recently left a VC firm and am starting a new business. I’m in LA all of the time.

    Let’s connect!


  15. Hani Says:

    Recently went on an interview and explained what you did with predictiblerevenue revenue. The CEO is giving it serious thought. If goes through I’m going to need your help.

    Congrats on the new baby!

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